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  1. Ben Croberry: You're listening to Wrestling Radio with none other than the general manager of the air waves, Ben Crobberry. Aww yeah, I'm pumped up this morning folks we have a future wrestling legend, right here, in the studio. I'm talking about the man who headlined Wrestlemania and the current Intercontinental Champion, Senhor Perfect.

    Welcome to Wrestling Radio, Senhor Perfect. I gotta say, I am a huge fan, so this is like a mark out moment for me right now hahaha.

    Senhor Perfect: Great to be here Ben, ready to make your show a little more perfect.

    Ben Croberry: And it already is. Night of Champions Pay Per View coming up in a couple weeks, I don't know about you folks, but I got my money on Perfect. A comeback is definitely on the horizon for you. Me and a lot of other fans feel like Night of Champions will be your night. Obviously there's you're involvement in the IWT Championship Tournament, but I think what people are forgetting is that oh so precious title you're holding right now, The Intercontinental Championship.

    Right now there's no word on who you're facing so I'm curious as to who's next in line for a shot

    Senhor Perfect: Well there's been an influx of new talent (and I use the term loosely) in IWT. No one has really stepped up and showed that they deserve a chance to compete for this magnificent piece of hardware around my waist. I would imagine Dat Kid will set up a number one contenders match at the next Uprising, most likely choosing two more of his "boys".

    Ben Croberry: Who in the locker room out of the new guys catches your eye? Who's the next generation of IWT wrestlers in your opinion?

    Senhor Perfect: From what I've seen pretty much all of them flap their gums a lot with not much to back it up. One guy I have my eye on is Adam Aries. He went through some tough losses and it looks like he has his head on straight. If you are referring to "the Cure" I'm not impressed with anyone.

    As for the IWT title tourney, you should put your money on me there as well. For too long I've sat idly by while paper champions chosen by the powers that be have come and gone. IWTs glory days were when guys like myself, Aids, Farooq, and Woody were in the spotlight. The previous WHC that I easily beat at the last Uprising disappeared if I remember correctly. What was his name again? It doesn't matter, it's time time for Perfection to hold all the gold once again.

    Ben Croberry: So at NOC it's very possible that you'll be double booked in the 1st time in months with the IC title and Tournament Finals, provided you win those other matches. That's gotta be tough working two matches in one night, as a man who is no stranger to it, holding 4 championships at once.

    Senhor Perfect: At NoC I'll prove once again that I'm the triple threat, the most talented man in IWT. 2 matches, 3 matches, 10 matches, it won't matter. Nothing is going to stop me from reaching the top of the mountain again. People like to bring up my age all the time. What these children fail to realize is that I'm in the prime of my life and career. There's no more excuses, I'm doing this for me and to prove to everyone who is the greatest performer in IWT history!

    Ben Croberry: Strong words from Senhor Perfect as he takes on Mr. Midcard Sackfist in the 1st Round of the Night of Champions Tournament. Get this, if Senhor wins, Sackfist goes bye bye. That's gotta be tough knowing that you can possibly be ending someone's career tonight.

    Senhor Perfect: I like Sackfist on a personal level, but if you can't cut the mustard, you should not be hanging with big boys. He stands in the way of me getting back that championship. I'll have to take him out like I will everyone else. As far as I can see, he'll be the first of many. There really are only a few people that have endured here in IWT. All these guys running around in their little crews won't last long either.

    Ben Croberry: Now correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're talking about The Cure

    Senhor Perfect: Partly, they've come in with a lot of pomp and somehow convinced Aids to join their ranks. However, after I put my boots in a few of their asses, they'll go running like so many have before them.

    Ben Croberry: Alright, you've got a show to get to tonight. 1 on 1 with Sackfist in the IWT Tournament match. I'm Ben Croberry here with Senhor Perfect on 103.7 Wrestling Radio. Thanks for dropping by Senhor
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