Storyline Ragged Flagon Dragon

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  1. An interviewer catches Percy Donohue on his way out from a wrestling show.

    Interviewer: So, Percy. I can call you Percy, right?

    Percy: No, what makes you think you have the fucking right to call me that?......

    Percy stares into the interviewer's eyes with rage. The interviewer gets nervous.

    Interviewer: Oh, my mistake. I- I- he- I didn't kno- I'm so- sorry.

    Percy: Oh I'm just messin with ya. Course ya can call me Percy.

    Percy smirks a tad.

    Interviewer: So, how was your match here?

    Percy: Well, I won but. (*whispers* this isn't an IWT event so keep it on the down low.).

    Interviewer: Speaking of IWT, you face the debuting James Dragon at IWT Retribution. What are your thoughts?

    Percy scratches his chin in thought.

    Percy: Well my thoughts are what am I going to eat after this. Oh, you mean the match. Ok, like you said. This is his debut in IWT. His chance to show he belongs here. To show he can hang with the big boys. I didn't take that chance. Mr Fargo saw to that. But you also get to give your first impressions on the fans and supporters. Another opportunity I fuggled up. My advice to him is. 1. Don't call the crowd disgusting or ugly or fat. 2. Give it everything you have. And 3. Enjoy yersen.

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