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  1. It's the Great American Bash, and apparently there's nothing more american than Epico and Primo, then the camera pans over to the Uso's, and then Beth talking about her uncle Bret to Yoshi Tatsu, who then asks for a translation from Hunico.. (Beth's uncle Bret?) Eight people, one American... Okay, sure.

    Ahhh shit, Kaitlyn in a bikini. This Smackdown's already a 5. Teddy appears? Spoke too soon. The revenge on Eve was cool, wish Santino would use the Cobra hand to light the fire, nice swerve with Kane's pyro there, instead of being a heel party pooper. Fun little segment.

    Battle royal? Don't care. AJ Lee intervention... Yeah, I'm dreading this SD. So it's a Sin Cara injury angle after all? We have a Mexican facing an Irish guy, did anyone else notice how many foreigners are in WWE today? Could do more with this promo, oh here we go, he's running running around parodying the Arizona government. And, Sheamus took Kane's spot as the Official Smackdown Party Pooper and here's your Orton booking, Sheamus beating Alberto's ass right before the OH SHIT DUDE JUST SLAMMED THE HOOD OF THE CAR ON HIM! That looked so much more painful than it actually was. Crazy stuff by PG era standards.

    "This is a different Alberto Del Rio than we've seen in the past" #GetColeOffOfCommentary

    We Have Blood! Get em ADR! Beat his ass! Le wild Khali appears... this oughta be worth a laugh. Why does Layla have an infinity sign on her gear? Gear could be a hell of a lot better. Layla's sexy. Is it really a good idea to mention Khali being a world champ? I could take him. I miss Maxine. Probably some interesting things someone with Claudio's talent can do with a guy like Khali... never mind, it's your basic Khali match. Quick squash, and Layla's now using Tiffany's music? Eww... At least it fits! But if it leads to Layla acting more whore-ish, hell yeah.

    YES RHODES! Did the Board of Directors turn heel or something? Cody vs Christian... good grief, that's beyond boss. HAHAHAHAHA! I loved that moment! WCW mentioning that Mick Foley was winning the world title and treating it like a joke... Hey Cloud, do you remember that? LOL. New Age Outlaws. The Rock... That seemed epic. Nice one WCW, your incompetence amuses me. Rhodes vs Christian now? Hell yeah! Rhodes is one of the few guys who I see passion from in the ring, he can do a whole lot less like like everyone else does, but he doesn't. He brings it. The smack into the dropkick was cool, Alabama Slam into the roll-up, Killswitch into Crossrhodes, Rhodes is in. Yay, that match is going to be awesome!

    Had a nice buzz going there, then Hornswoggle shows up. Zack Ryder makes an ass of himself again... Oh baby, here's Slater and his little single! Holy shit, was that a Percy Watson sighting? Couldn't tell, too busy shamelessly staring at Kaitlyn. And here's A-Ry, all the never-used guys are coming out of the woodwork tonight! And, here's a rematch from the dark match of Summerslam 2011, please don't be a squash. "Future World Heavyweight Champion" Very good, lets try to forget his dumb ass title reign... then Josh Matthews has to ruin that. This commentary team sucks. "I've got a lot of confidence in Alex Riley, but it's who you surround yourself with" Pretty sure several dirtsheets are looking in to that comment, Book. Riley's a boss, Ziggler's the best sports entertainer in the world. Loads of hope spots for Riley, Zig-Zag, it's over. Christian, Cody, Dolph, and Tyson in the same ring in 2 weeks? I'm creaming myself thinking about that. Not even those other idiots can derail that.

    We're 37 minutes (plus commercials) into the show, and I have no complaints! And, here's AJ. Spoke too soon. Really digging the Hot Topic attire :fap: :gusta: :yes:. Winter did it so much better though. Five minute video package of Raw Recaps that got annoying live on Raw? :no:. Oooh, Cole's trying to pick up AJ! Hahahahahahahahaha! This is hysterical! "Look at me, a physical specimen!"

    This will be the only time you see this on the internet, so keep this moment special: "Fuck off, Daniel Bryan!" Why is Daniel Bryan trying to get face heat by making fun of Cole... screw it, it doesn't make a difference anyway. Bryan has confidence in AJ? Why? "You didn't mean for me to go through that table" Holy shit, Daniel Bryan's bringing logic into a WWE Promo! Finally! YES! YES! YES! And, he're's Punk, to take Sheamful's new role as Smackdown's party pooper. Punk's being hellaciously boring here, the promo segment was great up to this, and as someone who has plenty of friends with mental issues, this storyline has went from retarded to offensive. Get it off my TV. AJ kisses D-Bry, so Bryan has the advantage going into the pay-per-view, then AJ kisses Punk... Seems a little pointless. So, AJ's really just a sex-troll... Pretty speechless tbh.

    Obligatory filler tag team match time, playa! Santino celebrating independence day is kinda crazy? Oh, it's a Legends segment! Sgt Slaughter, that's cool, and here's Johnny from Ed Edd and Eddy! Cole: "Finally, someone I'm in better shape than!" Lolololol. Wait, Hunico and Drew Mcintyre are part of this mess? FUCK YOU WWE. Not watching this. Next segment.

    We're actually getting backstage segments in the WWE, this is one of the best smackdowns ever just for that. And speaking of party pooper's, Damien Sandow ruining everything! :otunga: Such a boss, dear lord. "Mouthbreathing miscreants" Eve getting the punch thrown on her! If only it was a t-shirt... Hawkins and Reks sighting! Woot! Yay, Reks mic time! Fuck, Ryback squash. At least Curt showed that he at least belongs on the roster. Ryback vs Tyler Reks... I wouldn't mind if that went to PPV. That match can be amazing if booked correctly, would rather see him get fed three though.

    That chick on that paranormal show is pretty hot. Battle Royal Time, only 8 minutes left. This'll be quick. Gabriel the first to go? Fuck off. Brodus burial continues, weird to see Ricardo out there. Ryder and Sandow feud is officially on, gonna love that. Big Show eliminating Rhodes and Kofi. :finger:
    Chokeslam on Big Show was monsterous, 3 on one attack on Cena, incoming SuperCena burial... Here it comes, obligatory Cena crap. He throws out the #1 contender like he's nothing... And, Big Show to the rescue... More Big Show. Gotta love how every relevant young talent has been thrown out by this guy. Thank you Kane, get his ass out of here. Ryder and Kane? Huh. Holy shit, Ryder won? Wow! It's another face victory, but an underdog win is always nice to see. Doesn't make up for all the Big Show bullshit, but that was really cool. Smackdown will be must see because Sandow's going to troll his ass incessantly.

    6.5/10, good stuff.
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  2. :yes: :yes: :yes:


    my favourite part of show was kane lighting the BBQ with his magic fire powers and seeing A-Ry :emoji_grin:
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  3. Magic Fire :yay:

    Meant to post-edit this and cut it down a lot (esp. the battle royal) but got distracted and everyone's seen it now.
  4. It's fine the way it is :yay:
  5. Completely don't understand your hate on the Aj storyline, if you don't understand why she kissed both then what have you been watching for the past 6 weeks? It's the best STORYLINE in WWE atm. What other story is there? You also don't understand why Bryan interrupted and cut a face promo on Cole? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN RAIN? My 9 year old brother can follow this bro.

    SD commentary is the best commentary in WWE outside the new NXT duo.

    Other than that it was a decent review of a good show.
  6. Crayo, I overplayed the Daniel Bryan thing, that felt like a buzzkill more than anything else because Cole was so epic. You win there.

    However... Maybe I'm just weird, but I just feel like I'm missing something with this storyline. Not trying to be a smartass, this is a legitimate question: Why do you like it? Maybe I can understand it better then.

    The mental illness thing really bugs me though.
  7. I've really enjoyed it because it is an original storyline, which hasn't really been done before in WWE, played by three talented wrestlers and mic workers.

    I much prefer to see AJ kiss both guys before walking out - leaving us wondering what's happening next - than to have generic "I'm gonna prove I'm best in the world" or "Nobody expected us to get here" stories.

    I'm surprised that anyone isn't enjoying this story but each to their own I guess. I totally appreciate your distaste for the mental illness part though.

    Nice read again for the OP by the way, even though I disagree with some of it.

    Edit - Crayo just put it amazingly. Will like when not on mobile version.
  8. Will give a breakdown of why I like it.

    1) The AJ character is unique. Finally a diva that actually means something and is built up. She gets more reactions than any other diva now - shocking!

    2) It makes the storyline unpredictable and protects both wrestlers. So far, Punk is putting Bryan over perfectly on the mic and in the ring. But without that, what sort of feud is it? The typical sly coward heel vs overpowered face, big whoop. They've added AJ who is playing her role perfectly into the mix where you think, wtf is going to happen?

    3) The feud itself has just been built perfectly. We complain about super Punk but so far he's taken losses to Bryan on RAW and basically drew with him at the PPV (one second out) which is what we want in feuds isn't it?

    4) The mental health thing is just unique and nice to see. It means they can do anything with AJ and it'll make sense because she's crazy, and she's very good at the role herself. I saw you complain on the other thread about it being a serious issue in real life. Yes it is, but if WWE ruled out anything serious in real life then RAW doesn't exist. RAW is meant to be perceived as a real thing, not a scripted show. Us that know it's a scripted show watch it, get sucked in and still enjoy it as a real show. So there's nothing wrong with them giving AJ this character as long as it doesn't mass-offend.

    Isn't this what we wanted? The WWE title feud is in the spotlight, whether they end RAW or not. Sure, Punk v Bryan doesn't need a storyline like we saw at OTL but what's wrong with spicing it up? AJ being there doesn't bring down the match quality. All it does is increase the match quality by having you like "wtf is going to happen here?". It's just been booked to perfection.

    Lastly, it keeps Bryan in the title picture and keeps Punk interesting somewhat. No doubt once again this will steal the show and beat MOTN and MOTY candidate, I'd rather that than watch Cena vs Big Show won't you?

    Edit: Forgot to add in the part where it brings both Punk's and Bryan's character out of their shell. It expands it. We now know more about what Bryan is willing to do to get the championship - IE suck up to AJ as much as he can now she has an official part. Where as Punk is the honest "don't wanna mess girls around" character but still has the edge he had by saying things like "I dig Crazy chicks". Does he like her or does he not? He rejects her backstage, but then kisses her on SD? It adds more drama to the story.
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  12. he could probably do that if someone really pissed him off :true: