R'Albin vs Botty - Round 2: Mcintyre and Murray: Scottish born superstars

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  1. Here - Is an example of how an article should not be written.

    This past wedensday, Scotland celebrated fuck all, a day which has been celebrated since the world was created by the holy one – Allah. As it turns out, it was an especially big week for the Scottish, as national hero – and no.1 ranked tennis player in the UK – pumped Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic out of the olympics, and made them look like little bitches. As Murray owned Federer for the gold, “The chosen one” Drew Mcintyre was not really doing much at all I guess.

    Drew McIntyre did not introduce himself to the WWE Universe on Smackdown, saying hello in absolutely no languages and proving once again why he truly is a man of Ayr. Once he established himself and won the Intercontinental championship – more than that bitch-ass troller Cesaro can claim to have done. Scotland 2 -0 Switzerland.

    Mcintyre doesn’t seem ready to rise through the ranks in WWE, and his burial has R’Albin thinking about other similarities between the up-and-coming Scottish-born superstar and the great Andy Murray. After all, aside from their shared nationality, Murray and Mcintyre are both uncultured men who speak English fluently. That’s not all these two legends have in common though.

    Both their bints would get the proverbial back door treatment that’s for sure. Murray’s tackle is nothing special, however beggars can’t be choosers and I’m sure many others on here would happily ride that into battle.


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    This is pretty much where the similarities end but there is one that particularly stands out to me. Both men – whatever you may think about them – have so much heart, so much guts and that Scotland prides itself on. One is a man we will be seeing a lot of in the future, he’s an extremely talented tennis player and the other…. Has…err… so much heart and so much guts, which Scotland prides itself on.

    Scotland 2-0 Switzerland

    R’Albin 2-0 Botty

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    Niiiiice. Well done, once again! :obama: