Storyline Rallying Cry

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  1. Michael is sitting in his office. He has a cigar in his mouth and a cup of champagne in his hand. His hair is slicked back as he wears an opened purple silk shirt under a Grey suit. He sits up and lays his cigar in his cup before letting out a large sigh.

    Michael: I've had it with Reagan Cole. I've had it with his nonsense. I've had it with the NGW. Y'know their boss just skipped town, just like the fans are doing. However, Reagan Cole feels that he needs to fucking wave their banner in an IWT arena. We're not the promotion of indie stars - we are a promotion of self-grown mega-stars. Reagan Cole decides to infest our promotion with NGW bullshit. What I did at Pride in Victory was perfectly fine, in my opinion. I put down the dog. I won't let the runts into mansion and it stars with Reagan Cole.

    Michael takes a sip of his drink and a puff of his cigar.

    Michael: So I decided, we are a wrestling promotion and we have IWTMania IV coming up. So I'm here to lay out the challenge. My team of IWT's finest against Reagan Cole and his NGW buddies at IWTMania IV in a 4-on-4 tag team match. Who's on my team you ask? That would be the "Future of the IWT" Dylan Grey and...Eric Draven.

    Michael chuckles

    Michael: The rest are to be announced. But I guarantee both of you, Grey and Draven, that if you can't keep it together in this tag match - both of you dogs will be thrown into the gutter. Do I make myself clear? Good.

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