Storyline Random 2

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  1. The arena blackens.
    On the titantron a number pops up


    OOC (open)
    Same as before - was asked to do this anonymously
  2. Oh I get it. Are these winning lotto numbers?
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  3. This is so gay
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  4. What is this?
  5. I was asked to post this anonymously, like last time. Thats all. Like it or hate it, not my idea.
  6. Okay...This is an FTJ return...everything adds up.

    The numbers, lack of a van...Gimmick change for Frank...
  7. Farooq returning as Ron Simmons.
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  8. Roadie attempting to be relevant.
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  9. 53, 74, what the fuck lol. If you're gonna debut/return just do it, this make literally no sense.
  10. 74?

    The amount of years Roadie will be jobbing for?
  11. Used joke.

    Need new material, lad.
  12. You are a used joke.
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  13. Yeah.
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  14. It's The Cure! Baw Gawd it's The Cure!
  15. :yeah:
  16. The Cure should return to take on DK and Bill.
  17. Too bad that doesn't make sense since I was in The Cure.

    I was there to help Jwab with all the hate from Aids.
  18. That can be used in storyline, saying you betrayed them the second the cure was no more.
  19. TNH wasn't in the cure you divvy.
  20. He just said he was.