Random Great Match Of The Day - Chris Benoit vs RVD at Summerslam 2002

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  1. http:emoji_confused:/www.dailymotion.com/video/xbny7t_summerslam-2002-chris-benoit-vs-rob_sport?search_algo=2#.UWl8hTeRPt0

    This match was from Summerslam 2002 for the Intercontinental Championship. Summerslam 2002 is probably my favorite Summerslam event of all time and I could brag about it but that's a whole thread to itself. I'll stick to this match.

    Back then, the brand extension had just happened and there was a battle for supremacy between the two brands, with Eric Bischoff as the GM of Raw and Stephanie McMahon as the GM for Smackdown. (Remember when Stephanie was banished from WWF FOREVER in November 2001? And then again in April of 2002? Eh, nevermind.) This was an inter-promotional match and very much had the Raw vs Smackdown mentality to it. They even show clips backstage of Bischoff and Stephanie watching the match together, just so they could boost when their guy won. The match was set up when Benoit won the IC Title from RVD on Raw and then jumped to Smackdown with Eddie Guerrerro. RVD made the challenge for SS and so the rematch was set. The cool thing about "brand/group wars" like this one was that when you're up against another enemy, even faces and heels work together. So here, we had a heel GM Bischoff cheering on a baby face RVD, and a baby face Stephanie cheering on a heel Benoit.

    Anyway, enjoy.
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  2. Pretty good match, and it's nice to see a Smackdown vs Raw match. I like how it goes back and forth, a pretty fast paced match at that. I also enjoyed the part where RVD goes over Benoit, rolls onto the turnbuckle, and does a crossbody onto Benoit. That was pretty badass :yay: And I like how they got the finishers in during the middle of the match. Making it look like it could be put away pretty early, but not to early so it does add excitement. It was also interesting watching RVD get out of the first crossface by using his feet, it was pretty cool actually.

    RVD sold that arm injury good too, when Benoit dumped him off the turnbuckle, and Benoit using the steel post was a very smart idea. Then Benoit continues to work on RVD's injured arm, it was awesome on the many moves he used. And I thought Benoit was trying to kill RVD with that submission move he used after RVD got out of the Surfboard :mog: I also noticed Chris got RVD's hair a good amount of times in this match :haha: That second crossface was a bit of a shocker, yet it was smart of RVD to use his elbows this time to get out of the move. Benoit was smart to continue to work on RVD's injured arm, by throwing him into the ring post. It's very effective and it looks painful as fuck.

    That northen lights suplex by Benoit was beautiful as well. Nicely done, and a very good bridge for what I thought was going to be a pin. And it's badass how Benoit handles the third crossface. He notices how RVD is very close to the ropes, so instead of applying more pressure, with minimum chance that it'll slow RVD down, he instead shifts the crossface into another submission move, thus making it worst for RVD. Holy fuck though, when RVD locked in that crossface, I knew it wasn't going to be over because he was to close to the ropes, but I'm shocked to see him perform such a move :yes: That's also a nice springboard kick by RVD. I know mostly when RVD is in control he uses physical moves like kicks, leg drops, and performing moves off of the ropes or turnbuckle in this match. Not technical by much, but it is cool to watch.

    Sucks for RVD during that shoulder block when he threw Benoit to the turnbuckle though, he played the shoulder injury well. And that counter :mog: It looked as if RVD got a headbutt, not a crossbody on Benoit. Was surprised to see RVD recover so quick though. It was a good match, Benoit was very technical hitting plenty of submissions on RVD, and RVD playing the injury off well and getting many physical moves in the match. Good job for both of them, and was a match worth seeing :obama:
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  4. I actually seen this match years ago but was glad to revisit it as I remember enjoying it quite a lot (being that both Benoit & RVD are two of my all-time favorites, it was kind of a given). This match was much more to my liking then the list in this series of threads (that I'm excited is continuing). My favorite part of the match had to be the triple northern suplex to crossface. Also shout outs to some of the earlier exchanges between RVD/Benoit & RVD locking on the crossface.