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  1. This place, this goddamn place is all over me right now. It tries to consume me, it tries to take over me, it tries to drive me crazy. But... I am strong enough to resist it, I am smart enough to acknowledged it, and in the end I will kill it with my bare hands. Because no one in here is equal to what I can be, and what I will become. They say life is just a dream, well, I say fuck this hypothetical bullshit. I'm living the dream, and making it my life. Comparing myself to those people, those average people is an insult to my intelligence. I know I can do more, and I will do more than most men around the world.

    You can't take away my ego, and my pride. I will stand and fight for it. My road to success is sealed, and there is no one out here that can stop me from becoming the World Champion. I heard what they said a thousand times, but I never gave a damn about any of it. I stand here, with my head high, and I will conquer what I have to conquer. I will destroy what you achieved. And I will let you go from all your sorrows.

    You may believe for a moment that you are perfect, but you are just a regular guy, who's destiny is over. Your so called 'five seconds of fame' are now officially dead. And so will your pathetic title reign. Nothing is going to stop me from getting to you, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. The Undertaker says "Rest In Piece", but I will tell you to "Die In Hell".

    Life is a bitch, and I will treat it the same way...