Rank the PPVs by size

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  1. Lots of people complain about too many 'B' PPVs, but which are the most important? I'd say:

    1. WrestleMania, obviously.
    2/3. Royal Rumble and SummerSlam are about equal with both being big events. RR kicks off WM season, while SS features the big summer angles.
    2/3. RR/SS.
    4. Money in the Bank. The MITB concept has become very popular in recent years, raising the profile of this event. Usually a solid card too.
    5. Extreme Rules. It gets all the fallout and buzz from Mania season. Main events for the last 2 years have been Lesnar/Cena and Lesnar/HHH.
    6. Survivor Series. Had a dismal few years, but it being a "big 4 ppv" earns this place.
    7. Elimination Chamber? TLC?
  2. Payback and Battleground/Vengeance (basically whatever the October PPV is every year aside from HIAC) are easily the least important. Night Of Champions is next. Night Of Champions is a cool name, and yeah, the gimmick of having every championship on the line might sound prestigious and all, but most of the titles are on the line when it comes to any given PPV anyway (except for the Rumble, but only because of the Rumble match.) Not much to this one in terms of importance, especially since I find September along with October to be the "deadest" month of the year for PPV interest. Next on the least important scale is TLC. The December PPV has traditionally been one of the worst drawing PPVs of the year for the WWE going all the way back to the first one in 1995 and the TLC gimmick has hardly changed that at all.

    The rest? Wrestlemania is the premier event of the WWE, the Royal Rumble is right underneath it in second place while Summerslam lands at #3. I'd easily put MITB over Survivor Series, although buyrate wise, SS still wins out. In between the most important (WM, Rumble, Summerslam, Survivor Series, MITB) and the least important (Payback, Battleground, Night Of Champions, TLC) is Extreme Rules and then a tie between Elimination Chamber and Hell In A Cell.
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  3. Pretty much agree with all of this. MiTB definitely has a more special feel than Survivor Series.
  4. I agree with this completely
  5. What Lockard said.
  6. Wrestlemania is BBC
    RR, MITB and SS is like 8 inches
    Everything else is Chinese dick
  7. I always forget that Survivor Series is apart of the Big 4.
  8. Wrestlemania
    money in the bank
  9. Wrestlemania
    Royal Rumble
    Extreme Rules
    Survivor Series