Ranking System.

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  1. How about we have an IWT Ranking System?

    All members start at 50 pts.
    -If someone wins the World or WWE title, they get 20 pts.
    -Winning a (IC or European title), they get 15 pts.
    -Winning Royal Rumble,EC or MITB for 15 pts.
    -Winning a (Us or Hardcore title), they get 10 pts.
    -Cross Brands titles like Tag Team and Divas for 10 pts
    -Winning a (CW or Million Dollar title), they get 7 points.

    -Winning no 1 contender matches for:
    *World or WWE titles , they get 10 pts.
    *IC or Euro title, they get 7pts.
    *US or Hardcore, they get 5 pts.
    *Cross Brands titles like Tag Team and Divas for 5pts.
    *CW or Million Dollar title, they get 3 points.

    * Exhibition matches are for 1 point.

    What do you think? @Britanica @Jonathan
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  2. Kinda confusing IMO.
  3. No it's not. :pity:
  4. A bit pointless. What's the point in them? Unless you're the champion you ain't nothing in IWT.

    No from Nitro.
  5. Agreed :smug:
  6. We will have the cash thing going, so members will win money for retaining or winning titles. This will just confuse people more. lol
  7. I liked the idea. You should get 1,000,000 points for winning the euro title and branded a modern day hero.
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  8. :true:
  9. Both GMs have said no, so this can be closed.