Spoiler Rate 3/11/15 NXT

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 11, 2015.

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  1. How did you feel about the 3/11/15 Episode of WWE NXT?

    The Results are Below!

    -Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs The Lucha Dragons.. A nice back and forth tag match between the two teams, the crowd seemed to be pretty behind Enzo & Cass.. Enzo gets the pin for the win for him and Cass.

    -A KO / Riley video package aired

    -Carmella vs Alexa Bliss.. A lot of good athleticism for the women's division shown here.. Both competitors put on a nice match that lasted about 5-6 minutes.. Alexa hits the Sparkle Splash and gets the pin for the win.

    -Alex Riley gives a brief backstage promo about his match vs Kevin Owens and being held out of competition for near 2 years.

    -C.J. Parker vs Alex Riley.. Alex came out to a pretty nice pop from the Full Sail crowd.. Alex hits the neckbreaker and then a blockbuster off the top rope followed up with a pin to get the win over CJ.

    -Kevin Owens comes out after the match and starts talking trash to Alex Riley about their match next week and proceeds to say after he is done ending Riley's wrestling career like he did his commentator career then he'd put an end to the rise of Balor.

    -Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami.. This was the main event of the night and it started off with Itami getting off to a fierce start.. T-Breezy in about the middle of the match seemed to kick it in gear and gave Itami a good fight for the rest of the match essentially.. Great back & forth that showed off both competitors abilities.. Tyler Breeze picks up the win via pin.​

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  2. High 7 or Low 8 outta 10 for me! Been a few weeks since I've watched an episode and this pretty much hooked me back in.
  3. Going to go with an 8/10 for this one. While the opener, and Parker/Riley lacked, the matches with Bliss/Carmella, and Itami/Breeze more than made up for it.
  4. @Snowman

    Here, bro. I've promised you I'd do 'Rate NXT' threads weekly and I'll try and do it, but Sharpy has beat me to it this time.
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  5. I usually write them out as the show goes on to be honest, I assess the match and that after it's over I try and write down a short version of how I perceived it before the net segment/match starts.. It's all about stimulating the activity though amiright!?
  6. I had a good time watching the episode. 8/10

    - Sweet promos by Zo and Big Cass.

    - Enzo & Cass vs The Luch Dragons was aight.

    - Liked the KO video.

    - Alexa vs Carmella was fine. Nice finisher, tho.

    - Good backstage promo by A-Ry, I liked it!

    - The King of Cuteville's promo was fine.

    - Marked out to Riley coming out to 'Say It To My Face'. He had a nice match against CJ Parker.

    - KO's promo was quite alright.

    - Breeze vs Itami was a good main event.
  7. I rate this one 7/10 .
  8. A really fun show as always so check it out! 8/10.
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