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    + Cesaro/Zayn was epic. Probably be MOTY, although it had a bit of an abrupt, anti-climactic finish
    + Neville winning the belt. Some great spots in a decent match. Fantastic moment at the end
    + Rusev squashing Breeze and Woods

    - Thought it showed the roster is a bit thin due to all the recent call-ups
    - Commentary team sucked. I love Regal but not here
    - Too much was packed in for a 2 hour show

    Great advert for NXT. 7/10.
  2. My biggest complaint is the match between Mojo Rawley and CJ Parker..1) Mojo Rawley is rather annoying, and 2) CJ Parker needs to go away he sucks soo bad & his gimmick is almost equally as bad if not worse.
    Where was Corey Graves?? Is he hurt or something.. Idk how you don't have him at your first live PPV unless he's hurt.

    Overall though It was a pretty solid event being their first Live one for TV.
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  3. Overall, I thought it was a really good PPV- especially for their first. I wasn't quite sure how good it would be when it was first announced.

    Zayn Vs Cesaro was a pretty incredible match from the get go.
    Emma Vs Paige was decent, I expected more from it- but I could have over-hyped it tbh.
    Neville Vs Bo Dallas got me hooked. I was totally invested in that match and I was super happy with the result.

    I didn't really care for any of the other stuff.

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    Cesaro/Zayn was fucking awesome! Best match of the night by far.
    Dallas/Neville was a very good match.
    The Divas championship match had it's moments.. great power bomb from Emma (#BetterThanBatista) and a very good submission hold from Paige to retain.
    Having Rusev come out and destroy Woods and Breeze was an excellent way to further introduce him before his WWE debut.. he looked great and extremely dominant.

    As previously mentioned, William Regal was not very good on commentary and a few times had me shaking my head in frustration.
    They could have had a better tag team come out and compete against The Ascension... that match being a squash match was disappointing.
    What was the point of the Rawley/Parker match? Seemed completely out of place.

    Overall I give it a 7.5/10
  5. 9/10

    No commercials? I was so hard.

    Cesaro vs Zayn was so great
    The submission Paige used was wicked
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  6. Nine out of ten, only complaint was the merely whelming main event. Everything else was great, the videos were great, the showcase matches were great, hell even the commentary was great, how often can you say that? This show just made me so happy to be a fan.

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but this heel CJ Parker could work in a Bo Dallas sort of way. HOW DARE YOU HATE ME FOR DRIVING A FORD FIESTA!
  7. You ought to give CJ Parker a chance :L
  8. I've never liked him, even as Juice. Just never had any real talent stick out in his few years with the company.
  9. He'll get better with time and storylines.
  10. Needs another new gimmick, the hippy thing is no good for him.
  11. Meh, everyone called me stupid for believing ing Aiden English but look at him now.
  12. Give this heel persona a chance, man. There's a good chance it turns out it sucks, because he sucks, but maybe this could lead him to being one of these IWC-friendly comedic heels we all love?
  13. That gimmick suits his look though, CJ Parker doesn't look like a hippy he looks like a bro
  14. He's not that bad, don't see why he gets all this shit for it.
  15. I'm chuckling at the CJ Parker hate. The one I didn't enjoy in that match was Rawley. I think his gimmick is just silly. Parker drew some pretty decent heat, so he did alright. I don't think he was the best thing on the show, but he did a good job.

    Breeze/Woods/Rusev segment did what it was supposed to, as I'm assuming the idea was to make Rusev look like an indestructible brute who doesn't give a damn who you are and just wants to destroy everyone in his path.

    The Ascension/Too Cool was neat. It wasn't a great match, but it was enjoyable to see Too Cool and those two guys get a decent rub from defending successfully against two guys who are multiple-time former WWE Tag Team Champs.

    As to the commentators, the only one who really stood out to me was Regal and it almost felt like he didn't want to show up the others on the commentary team. He needs to take the shackles off and let them keep up with him. That said, just hearing his voice on commentary made me happy. I'm a huge Regal fan.

    Now to the three matches that really impressed me.

    Dallas/Neville was a really good ladder match. Dallas is a heat magnet (which was obvious from the first moment I saw him a year or so ago) and Neville's got a badass gimmick. They looked a little green at times, but I've seen long-time vets in WWE look a lot worse in ladder matches than those guys. They hit some big spots and really told a pretty good story in the ring.

    Paige/Emma was probably the best Divas match I've seen in a few years. It's obvious those two women have been well-trained in the ring and they paid attention to their pacing and psychology. And that Scorpion Cross-Lock (sp?) submission Paige locked in was one of the best submission moves I've ever seen.

    Cesaro/Zayn IV was easily the equal of any match I've seen in WWE in the last year and that includes the Undertaker/Punk match at Mania XXIX (which I still think was the best match of 2013). It's obvious those two guys have some great chemistry (with their history, this isn't exactly surprising) and they really let it all hang out. I was worried that the rest of the show would suck after that (and, to be fair, Rawley/Parker was a big drop-off from that level of quality). They set a very high bar and the rest of the show actually measured up pretty well.

    Score: 8.5/10

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  16. Thing with Parker is he isn't getting the right kind of heat. He's not getting heel heat, he's getting go away heat and has been since he started promoing close to 9 months ago. The NXT crowd don't want him. And his gimmick isn't as easy to make into a heat magnet like Bo's, who suffered from the same thing.
  17. Neville is champ and my MOTY in Zayn Vs Cesaro. 10/10
  18. Okay. I guess I just didn't get the "go away" from the heat he got. But I haven't been watching NXT faithfully.

  19. I honestly couldn't force myself to sit through the rest of the show after the opener. IMO it was a serious botch to not have that match close the show, if not at least go on right before the NXT Title match. I'm supposed to enjoy a squash match or women's match after Cesaro and Zayn just put on the match of 2014? It was unfair to even put the rest of the card in that predicament knowing they can't match what Cesaro and Zayn did, let alone top it.
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