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  1. 1-10
    How'd you think the inaugural PPV did?
  2. 7/10.

    Flaws were Axel/Truth and Punk/Ryback.
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    Excluding the main event ending, it was pretty good. 6/10
  4. 5/10. The main event was boring, and the end was a Vince Russo kind booking. Best part:

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  5. 6/10

    It wasn't a terrible PPV. If i paid for that shit i would of been angry though.
  6. I would give it a 6/10 as well, because it did better than expected. I think the main event was really just a big meh for me as far as the wrestling goes. Rhodes/Shield stole the show and that's not even debatable, such a great moment
  7. Explanation for the power outage: [​IMG]
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  8. #ThanksObama.
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  9. Details please. Spoil it for me.
  10. Two best matches, Shield vs Rhodes and Brie vs AJ. both Punk and Bryans matches ended well terrible.
  11. I was going to rate it 6/10, but then this morning I re-watched it w/o volume and their was A LOT of good wrestling that went on last night 7/10 but a really shitty crowd.
  12. 7/10. Some great matches.
  13. 9/10.

    only watched the Rhodes Family vs the Shield so rating based on that
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  14. 7/10 Some good, Some bad, Some Ryback. Crowd was shit for a Canadian/NY crowd until Rhodes Vs Shield and Big Show's run in. Shield vs Rhodes was spectacular, Tag Team MOTYC, Goldust still has a lot left in the tank and I will mark each night for him, Always been a fan of his.

    Btw if something is really bad instead of calling it "shit" I will call it "Ryback"

    Example: The main event ending was a Ryback.

  15. You lucky son of a bitch.

    A generous 4/10.
  16. 44 years old. Not much left in the tank.
  17. He looked good VS Orton and looked great last night. He has plenty left imo. Flair was well over 44 when he faced Shawn at WM 24 and it was spectacular.
  18. By plenty do you mean MAYBE 6 months?
  19. Yeah, He wont go for years or anything, He is on a short term contract anyway. If he could do 6 months I would be happy.
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