Rate each match out of 5

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  1. Just for a bit of fun, not expecting to be taken seriously like Meltzer thinks his are :haha:

    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars

    Fun and fairly quick paced opening match as I expected. I actually enjoyed this considering tables matches are probably my least favourite of the gimmick ones. Glad Rhodes Scholars got the victory and nice ending, with Cara taking a good bump.


    Cesaro vs Truth
    It barely seemed to last five minutes, shame as even if R-Truth is involved I still enjoy Cesaro. At least he got the clean win.


    Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

    This match was all kinds of boring, Barrett is such a dull worker and Kofi was just average as usual. I can’t even remember the ending as it was that forgettable, but Barrett losing sucks.


    The Shield vs Team Hell No and Ryback

    The PPV just suddenly burst into live with this match, absolutely fantastic, everything about it. The way they worked it with The Shield coming in with a master plan, isolating and destroying their opponents one by one. Eliminating Ryback early on was expected but it was obviously the only way the match could end up being as good as it was. From then on it was a perfect blend of brawling and some pretty dangerous, and original, spots. The superplex from the table was excellent, it looked like that table could have snapped any second and just about killed all 3 guys. The chair was well utilized with the chokeslam onto it and Seth’s blackout to D-Bry which looked absolutely sick. Then of course there was the ubiquitous comeback from Ryberg, which, thankfully, wasn’t the end of things with The Shield getting back on top of him – before that insane bump from Rollins which was easily spot of the night.

    The best part about this match for me was the fact that everybody came out of it looking strong. It was beautifully booked. The tag champs and their next biggest star losing cleanly to guys who had never even wrestled a match on TV before, and somehow not coming out of it looking weak is quite amazing really. Oh and a massive factor in this IMO was JBL, who’s commentary was exquisite throughout this match.

    But yeah, a match that was expected to be a complete spotfest turned out to be much more than that, kudos to all involved.


    Eve/Naomi – lolcare

    Sheamus vs Big Show – lolcare

    Del Rio/Miz/Brawler vs 3MB

    Mainly just watched this to see the face Del Rio character. Meh match that was obviously filler.


    John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler

    Pretty underwhelming match overall. I thought these two would be able to give us something really special but this one just never really seemed to kick off. Both hit their usual moveset, attempted to climb the ladder a few times with only one real spot and even that annoyed me as bringing a table into a ladder match sort of kills the whole TLC gimmick does it not? But anyway, given Dolph’s showing in the MITB earlier this year I expected a lot more from him last night. Even the ending was a bit disappointing, although I did mark for the entire finish and Dolph winning with the superkick.


    The PPV as a whole was actually pretty poor, but the results and the booking was really good so I’m happy to give this a 7/10. Crowd was really hot all the way through the night, only downer was not putting the TLC on last.

    What are yours?
  2. Opener: 1.5*
    US Title: 1*
    IC Title: 1*
    TLC: 4*
    HWC: 1*
    Main Event: 2.5*- Good until the finish. Fuck Vickie Fuck AJ
  3. Nice thread. I haven't watched TLC again since last night so I am rating based on memory only:

    Opener: 2.5

    US title: 1 - Rare for a Cesaro match, but it seemed like a RAW match.

    IC: 1

    TLC: 4.5 - Perhaps I'm being bias as an Ambrose mark, but I woke my Mum up with my antics during this match, so yeah I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    WHC: I didn't watch it.

    Le wild 3mb match: Didn't see much either

    Main event: 3 - I think both of them picked up legit injuries early on, even so, it was decent and it kept me interested.
  4. Opener: ***
    US: **
    IC: **
    TLC: *****
    Diva: *
    3MB: **
    Main Event: ****