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  1. I give it a 7/10.

    The tag match was dumb and I wasn't happy with the ending of the PPV, but other than that it was pretty cool.

    Match of the night for me was Kofi vs Miz.

  2. 3/10 and i'm being nice
  4. 7/10 good PPV with a few good matches and some great unpredictability. I literally jumped out of my seat when the ref lowblowed Ryback. Same with Show winning.
  6. This sums it up perfectly.

  7. 2.5/10, utter garbage besides the main event which was entertaining despite being a pretty awful match.
  8. you know a PPV is bad, when Big shows match is the best one....
  9. Is it worth watching? I skipped it until the end tbh.
  10. 4.5/10. The anti-No Surrender. Atlanta should be banned from ever getting to see a live event again.

    Every match was at least good, and I marked out seeing Big Show win the WHC. Yes, you read that right.
    Sheamus is like the smarks version of Ric Flair... his reign has been so bad for so long that you keep tuning in just to pray he loses the damn thing, and now Big Show's a smark hero. BIG SHOW. Match of the night as well.

    Again, all the matches were good, but they had 6 weeks to build this thing. After that long, you shouldn't feel completely apathetic towards every match except for 2. ADR/Orton don't care... Kofi/Miz blown off on TV... Gabriel/Cesaro filler... Luchadores/PTP no point... And in large part, many of the wrestlers simply weren't over at all. If only they had a 3 hour show to rectify these problems...
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  11. Orton vs ADR was good, not the result I expected, but a good match. Both came out strong. Enjoyable as well. - 7/10

    Kofi vs Miz was well done. Kofi sold the injury pretty good, just 2 errors by no-selling it while standing on it. Expected finish what everyone expected. - 7/10

    Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars was a little off imo, there wasn't really a story written in the match, and there was a weird ending aswell. - 7.2/10

    PTP vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara was a good match. The pace went way down at some point which was a downer to say the least. Cara injured was bad, but he seemed fine. And PTP are always gold, love those guys. - 7/10

    Eve vs Kaitlyn vs Layla was a match that I really enjoyed. A good Diva's match with an ending I did not expect. I thought the title would change hands last night, but it didn't. Eve is a good champ imo. 7.8/10

    Justin Gabriel vs Antonio Cesaro was nice. Those two can work a match together where both men come out strong. It could've ended in both ways imo. Would've been nice to see Gabriel winning. A feud would be good. - 7.5/10

    Big Show vs Sheamus was a match that I really liked. Show looked so, so, so strong, and I hoped, but didn't expected Show to win because of WWE logic. Show looked great in this one. Downer: Ziggler not cashing in. - 8.5/10

    CM Punk vs Ryback was entertaining, power move after power move, I agree, but the match itself was pretty nice. Not the ending I expected but Ryback came out strong after all. Punk playing the coward heel in the beginning was well done and worked perfectly for this one. Going on top of the cell at the end was beautiful. I marked hard. - 7.4/10

    So in a total: 7.4/10 for me..
  12. Absolutely. This was the best Divas' match in a while, loved it. It's a shame that the fans have completely given up on the division, they've actually got some pretty good wrestlers in there.

    If nothing else it's 1000 times better than what the Knockouts are doing right now.
  13. Agreed. 0% reaction, which is sad. Happy with the status of the Diva's division getting better. Not sure if Triple H is the reason, but it could be. :otunga:
  14. Didn't see this thread, sorry @[Stopspot]. :upset:

    Good PPV overall.

    The finish of Ryback vs Punk was really well done, very smart.
    Sheamus/Show was actually pretty decent with a good ending, and everything to do with Kane/Bryan was top drawer.

    7/10 for the PPV
  15. Great post, pretty much the same.

    Though I marked out for that original ending. Punk retains and you've made a new star in Ryback.
  16. 2/10.

    what kind of ppv is this without Otunga, Ziggler, 3MB? :haha:
  17. God this was bad; there are a few good matches, but the rest, let's analyze:

    ADR/Orton was surprisingly watcheable; completely wrong finish if you want to give ADR a shot at seriously improving his bland performance both on the mic and inside the ring. 6/10

    Intercontinental Championship: really good match; The Miz and Kofi put on a great match that actually made Kofi look interesting, unlike Alberto Bore Rio still being boring. 8/10

    Tag Team Championship: setting up a genuine feud between Hell No and the Rhodes Scolars, eh? Entertaining match, but it was to short and they could have come up with a less abrupt ending. 7.4/10.

    US championship: Antonio is a great wrestler and Justin Gabriel is getting better. The finish was awesome. 8/10

    Another tag match: what the hell is this doing here? Skipped it, no interest in the Mexicans even less in the rookies. Oh, wait, Ryback is a rookie that can't go the distance, so the HiaC match that the HiaC is named after will be short and they need filler. -

    WHC: Best match of the evening. Shaemus is one of the best in-ring workers the WWE has, and the veteran Big Show is no slouch either. I expected Dolph to cash in though, and it didn't happen. 9/10

    Divas championship: a surprisingly okay match, considering it's the divas. Even Kaitlyn manages to look good. 7/10

    Punk vs. Ryback: God damn this was horrible, from the length, to the booking, to the ending, everything about this match apart from Punk's performance was crap. Why is the best wrestler in the world depicted as scared shitless and completely incapable of mounting any offence, against a rookie? This does not make Ryback look strong, it makes both wrestlers look weak. CM Punk is the guy who single handedly revitalized the WWE, he's beaten far better than Ryback, bigger and stronger and better too; why would he suddenly be unable to do anything to Ryback? This makes no sense looking it that way, it makes even less sense considering Punk's and Ryback's positions. Ryback and his story couldn't ask for a better way for his streak to end, by having it ended by the WWE champion, decisively. It would mean Ryback knows he's not yet a big fish and what he actually needs to do to become one, that's interesting story material for a rookie. Being big and angry is not. Being able to easily beat the champion while you're nothing but John Cena's back up plan, completely destroys any credibility. And then there's the ending: Seriously!? Seriously!? Seriously!? On a PPV!? Seriously!? 2/10

    Overall; this PPV is 4/10 at best.
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  18. Great analysis.

    Should be 6.8/10 when counting the ratings per match ^

    No offence :smug:
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