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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roadster, Oct 25, 2015.

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  2. I know it should be a 7 but I rated it 8 because I had fun
  3. 8/10

    Cell matches were awesome
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  4. It was far, far, far better than what I expected it to be. Just about every match delivered.

    The high points:
    ADR 2 timing bad assing his way to the US title.
    Reigns vs. Wyatt
    Taker vs. Lesnar
    Wyatt's abducting Taker (Hopefully he becomes their new member)

    Not much I can complain about.
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  5. 8 from me. Taker/Lesnar of course MOTN.
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  6. Still wondering what's gonna happen to ADR. He has like 50 commitments to promotions. And he has an inked deal with AAA, and he was to appear on LU.
  7. Unless he will be defending, internationally. Like what TNA did with their title.

  8. Taker and Brock made it for me, the rest was meh. Not much different than Raw. Too predictable. 6/10
  9. Kinda crazy when you realize Nikki outdid at least half of the other guys on the show. She shouldn't have lost the title to Charlotte, not yet anyways. Yeah though, combine that, Del Rio's return, and the ME and you've got a surprisingly good PPV. 7/10.
  10. 3/10, tuned out for most of the show so clearly it didn't have my interest..
  11. A solid 7 from me. It was a good show and the slow parts didn't really detract from the good parts.

    I liked:

    Alberto Del Rio coming back and winning the title, even if it didn't make sense that he beat Cena with a simply kick when Cena has kicked out of much more devastating moves much more often. The match itself left a lot to be desired but the outcome was great.

    Reigns vs Wyatt. It began pretty slow but was solid once it picked up.

    The fact that the New Day won but not the match itself, which stunk.

    Charlotte vs Nikki. This was one of the better Diva PPV matches in a long time and it was definitely better than their previous two.

    Seth Rollins vs Kane was solid and it was good that Rollins won clean by pinfall.

    Brock vs Taker was easily the best match of the night. It ended the way it should have ended, with Lesnar winning and finally getting revenge for the low blows that Taker gave him. I was going back and forth throughout the match as to who I wanted to win but when Lesnar hit the low blow, I was 100% behind him. Great ending.

    I didn't like:

    Surprisingly enough Owens vs Ryback. Most boring Owens match I have seen.

    The Cena vs Del Rio match.

    New Day vs Dudleyz.

    The fact that no one came to help out Taker. They had a wonderful opportunity to set up some interesting matchups right there. I would have LOVED to have seen Lesnar come back and take out Braun, but that would have been unrealistic... the only person Lesnar ever would save is Heyman. But with all the hard feelings between Reigns and the Wyatt family, it just seemed odd that there wouldn't be any involvement.

    And yes,before anyone decides to point out to me that the Wyatt and Reigns feud ended earlier in the night, I am quite aware of that. Realistically, however, Reigns wouldn't want his rival of the past four months to get one over on anyone only a few hours after the match ended though. It just didn't make sense. They are obviously setting up for the Survivor Series, but they could have done something. It was just kind of weird.
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  12. Awesome PPV. Some creativity and good finishes, all good.

    I gave it an 8 out of 10.


    Del rio return and beating cena clean.

    New day shockingly winning.

    KO retains, but crappy match.

    Seth Rollins beating Kane on his own.

    Reigns and Wyatt was all good.

    Brock and taker stealing the show. Ripping apart the ring and slamming onto the wood was different and creative. Bray taking taker afterwards raises a lot of questions and hopefully, just hopefully, this is the start of an actual push for bray.


    Can't really think of any. Seriously, besides KO having a bad match and me wanting some matches to last longer, like taker and brocks HIAC match, the PPV was great. Well done WWE.
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  13. I attended the show and thought it was one of the better PPVs of this year.

    I loved the return of Alberto Del Rio and he got pretty much the biggest pop of the whole show last night. It might be hard to tell on the Network, but live, his pop was LOUD. Him winning while predictable, was great also.

    I have to admit that I enjoyed the Bray vs Roman Hell in a Cell match a little bit more than the Brock/Taker HIAC match. Lots of fun table spots in this one.

    New Day vs Dudleys was also good for what it was, man I loved that pre match promo of New Day, but it really should have been made a Tables match

    Got up to get food during Nikki vs Charlotte but not surprised that Charlotte won

    I didn't like the Rollins vs Kane match. WWE should have booked it much better than they did, because Rollins is so much better than that. Not at all surprised that he got the win.

    Owens vs Ryback was just BAD. This was the worst match in Kevin Owens' career right there.

    Main event. Awesome. Fuck you, Vince and Kevin, for getting mad just because there was blood. This is Hell in a Cell, not Heck in a Ball Pit. Highlight of the match was Lesnar shoving the doctor, although I wish he gave him an F5 and a Suplex. I loved The Wyatts ending too.

    If Taker's doing Survivor Series, it needs to be him, Kane, Ambrose and Reigns vs The Wyatt Family
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  14. Prince Bálor's WWE Journey
    Destination: HELL IN A CELL - Los Angeles, CA
    Date: 10/25/15

    - Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler & Neville vs Sheamus, Barrett & Rusev was a good pre-show match. ***¼
    This was Creative's way of saying "LOL, we have nothing for you. You lot are on the pre-show." match, but I liked it.
    I won't say much about it, except that the right team won and PUSH CESARO, DAMMIT! His performance here was awesome!

    - Alberto Del Rio vs Jawn Cena was a decent show opener for the time given. **
    The Mexican's greatest export is back! El Patrón is back, perros! God, I love the element of surprise. I did not see that coming.
    I didn't expect him back this soon and thought he should stay away from WWE (I guess I'll find that out soon enough), but yeah, I marked for ADR.
    I just hope I don't cringe at how badly he's booked in the next few months. I also liked seeing Zeb (and his majestic facial hair) back.
    With that promo he cut, does this mean racism is gone from WWE? Now, about the match... It was just there and decent given the time.
    But, it never felt like it got going, and then finished out of left field and in such anti-climatic way. If my memory serves me well, the majority of Cena's matches since winning the US title have had a lot of great back-and-forth and nearfalls. Here, we didn't have that as much.
    I was surprised to see Cena go down after a single kneeling Superkick. I love it that Cena lost clean and I loved the surprise of ADR being back, but the execution of the match and the finish was a bit lackluster, I must say. Oh, and there was no write-off for Cena? I'm a tad bit shocked, tbh.
    Anyhow, now that ADR is the US champ, I hope the open challenges continue!

    - Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt was solid. **½
    As my fiancee, Jacob "Rainmaker" Fox said, the match started out slow, but when it picked up, it was solid. To me, it didn't really feel like the HIAC match. They should've made the surrounding matter and the intensity should've been off the charts. It also felt very long. But, the fact that this feud is finally over makes me happy.

    - The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz was decent. **
    The New Day's antics saved this match for me. There wasn't much to it, other than the same (bland) formula to The New Day/The Dudleyz match. Also, The New Day winning via pinfall floats my boat.

    - Charlotte vs Nikki Bella was decent. **¼
    The girls worked hard and this was definitely better than their previous encounters. The match was sloppy at times and the lack of back selling from Charlotte took away from the match a bit, but kudos to both girls (especially Nikki) for trying to deliver.

    - Seth Rollins vs Kane was decent for what it was. **
    I didn't care about this cheesy feud to begin with. The only positive I could ever see from it was Rollins winning clean! And he did! Thank you, WWE. Here's [2 stars] for not being lame for once! Now, please move on from this feud!

    - Kevin Owens vs Ryback was a complete DUD.
    The fact that KO/Ryback got a co-main event spot over the WWE-WHC and still couldn't deliver is just disappointing.

    - Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker was a great ME and MOTN, easily! ****
    Oh boy, do I enjoy watching these two brutalize each other! It was a grueling war. It wasn't a bloodbath from No Mercy 2002, but it could've been.
    I bet Vinnie Mac was furious backstage when he saw blood. "You'll bleed when I want you to bleed, Goddammit!" - But nah, Bork no care. :21-1:
    Anyways, this exceeded my expectations and I'm so happy with Lesnar winning and how the match ended.

    Post-match, with The Wyatts attacking Taker, we got an obvious set up for a Survivor Series match with Taker & Co vs The Wyatt Family.

    OVERALL THOUGHTS: Hell In A Cell was a decent show. I wasn't really into anything aside from the ME, not like the rest was uber bad or anything.
    I'm also content there was little to no BS (as far as shenanigans go) on this PPV. 6/10
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  15. serbia coming up stronk when it comes to PPV reviews

    good post m8
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  16. Weird thing is, I'm not sure exactly what to say about this show other than "the fans really needed this"
    Every match ended clean. Most matches overdelivered (except you, Cena.). There wasn't anything overcomplicated, just a good show that left you excited by the end. Yay!
    Only complaint I can even dream of is the Dorito return that was thankfully spoiled. Didn't know Zeb was back though, popped huge to see him. Win!

    Appreciate y'all shouting that I should watch it. That's why I love you guys, watching out for a brother from another @Cloud like this
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