Rate Hogan/Bischoff Era in TNA (2010-2013)

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    For those who don't remember, here are some of the things that happened and reportedly happened during their time in TNA:

    * Hogan's debut got TNA the highest viewership ever
    * TNA got highest viewership numbers in company history
    * Hogan & Bischoff convinced Dixie to on the road in 2013
    * Bischoff helped big time to production guys
    * Established stars like Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, RVD were brought in to TNA
    * TNA got biggest crowds in company history (UK tour 2012, Lockdown 2013)
    * Bischoff & Hogan were the ones who were big time behind Austin Aries during the Summer of Austin Aries in 2012
    * Many new names got pushed: Doug Williams, Lethal, Fortune, The Pope, Matt Morgan, Sabin, Aries, Storm, Roode....
    * Bischoff (and Lagana) brought in Joey Ryan to TNA
    * Hogan used his name value to promote TNA across the States many times, no matter what someone says
    * Ring Ka King (even though I wouldn't count this in, but whatevs)
    * Relationship with OVW
    * Vince Russo fired
    * TNA post-Impact TV show, Reaction

    * Hogan's paycheck was reportedly around 35k per episode
    * Such talents as Nasty Boys, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Sean Morley, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff were brought in and pushed big time
    * Such talents as Amazing Red, Young Bucks, Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick, Crimson, Kash, Shelley, Steiner, The Pope etc. got released
    * Hogan played major role in Bobby Roode losing the main event of BFG 2011
    * NJPW relationship broke
    * Bruce Pritchard given way too much control
    * Year 2011 featured 8 World Title changes
    * Highly questionable booking of the X-Division
    * Victory Road 2011 debacle
    * MMA fighters brought in
    * Aces & 8s were Bischoff's idea
    * TNA founder Jeff Jarrett basically removed from the company
    * Hogan (aside from Sting in 2011) never put anyone over during 4 yrs in TNA
    * Jeff Hardy 2013-UK Tour advertising debacle (4 shows without World Champion)
    * TNA business went down big time in 2013
    * House show debacle in June 2013
    * 25 people fired in 2013

    NOTE: this is all just at the top of my head, and not ALL of this has to be the truth, and Hogan/Bischoff can't be blamed or praised for everything that happened. I simply wrote down what happened during these 4 yrs.

    My grade for their time in TNA:

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  2. What was the Victory Road 2011 debacle?
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  4. One of the best Hogan TV moments in TNA

  5. Just throw out the way I'd change this list as I agree with it on the whole. The rating works out about right for me too, Hulk was needed in TNA to help them evolve but the handling of it was terrible.
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  6. Other than Pope being talented and being pushed as good I agree 200%.
  7. Enjoyed TNA more when Russo was there. :urm:
    Actually, I really enjoyed Roode's GOAT reign.
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  8. It was the drizzly shits and what stopped me from watching TNA. It was an amusing second rate company who knew its place prior to that. The second they tried to rekindle the Monday night wars, it became a vicious joke.
  9. Also the thought of Hogan putting over any of those scrubs is hilarious to me. Who the fuck are these people? Nobody.
  10. Quite an amusing two posts, certainly worth some IQ testing.
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  11. That's certainly a well thought out response from a dude who can't take any criticism of TNA without becoming overly defensive.
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    Me supposedly being like that > you being an irrational biased hater.
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    They didn't do anything for the company outside of a one-week pop but didn't do as much damage as the haters say, so suppose your 5/10 was justified. You know me though and I'd go a little lower because of Hogan's sheer presence.

    Didn't Hogan or Bischoff come up with the OFN and GutCheck ideas? Even though they were both largely failures, them trying them certainly belongs in the "good" categories. A negative? The death of the Knockouts.

    Thought the head writers (Russo and Pritchard) had a lot more control over what happened in TNA than Hogan and Bischoff did. They deserve a lot of the heat for the way "TNA was dying under Hogan and BIschoff omg omg omg!". Hogan and Bischoff should get a lot of the heat for 2010, and while the Aces and Eights was Bischoff's idea, that was classic Pritchard booking. The problem with 2013 were allllllllll the angles that felt like they were never progressing that took a month to accomplish what should happen in a week (far cry from Russo, right?), and it's pretty sure that's not Hogan and Bischoff's fault.

    Time to be controversial: If there's one thing we've learned in 2013, it's that the wrestling business needs Vince Russo.
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  14. Yes, a "hater" lol. K