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  1. Since no one else did it, I will.

    Average in every way possible this week. Another down show after a great show.

  2. I was honestly bored throughout it.
    I haven't seen the first half hour, so I'll probably catch that and rate.
  3. Mediocre, but not horrible.
  4. It was pretty dull. Great Bully segments, but pretty lame booking throughout.

    4/10 #Hart
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    See what Test and Dolph's mean by "it's better on Youtube", promo heavy show that probably would have dragged throughout.

    Still, 3.5/10. Was entertained, but that final segment can go fornicate itself with a baseball bat.
  6. 55/100

    I enjoyed watching but they have better shows, but the final segment wasn't good as other people has said
  7. Kaz is the GOAT
    Great stuff w/ BI & Roode/Aries. Entertaining match once again between Mexico and Dirty Heels
    Bully is amazing
    can't help but sort of mark for Sting cleaning house even if I'm face palming at the same time

    Idk, I found it mostly enjoyable. But I did skip one match and tune out during some other shit i didn't care for
  8. Did you see Hogan's new "IMMORTAL" tattoo on his back. I threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw it.
  9. It's new? Could have sworn I'd seen it before
  10. I hadn't seen it before, and I wish I never did :eww:
  11. You are just behind the times. It's not new.
  12. Watched the opening segment.
    Giving it a generous 4/10.
  13. Tag match was good, Bad Influence trying to regroup Fortune and the heat between Roode-Aries just made the match better. Other matches were bad. I am fed up with Sting and Hogan saving the company every single time. Why Bad Influence, AJ Styles, Storm, Roode, Joe make it? They are the real TNA wrestlers I think. I hate how TNA over uses it's veterans. 5/10
  14. I was actually entertained by the show until that horrible, awful ending segment. That itself ruined so many things for me. As much as I like Sting and Hogan, can you guys please GET THE HELL OUT of the main event scene for once, for crying out loud!?

    Very good show (Terry/Jesse, Mickie/Velvet, Tag Titles, Hogan-Morgan, Sabin video, Fortune tease) that ended with a disaster of Hogan and Sting burying left, right and center FUCK. 5/10
  15. Show Spoiler

    Brother! :jeritroll:
  16. Senhor has a weird fascination w/ Hogan's back fat.
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  17. That's what a main eventer looks like jack! Not those vanilla midgets Austin Aries or Bobby Roode, dude!
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