Rate iMPACT 11-10-2012

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  1. So what would you rate it?

    5.0/10 for me.
  2. 8/10 :obama:

    Best show in a while with very good matches, some progress in storylines, awesome Aries promo and nice hype that was lacking for BFG. #LiveFTW
  3. 8.5/10

    Best Impact in a while. I loved most of the show

    Great way to open the show w Aries/Storm. Builds your champion, includes the Storm/Roode feud, gives time to hype both of the MEs

    Sting/Hogan/Kaz/Daniels Bully segment was great and set up a good match. BUlly playing all innocent and "I'm on your side" is hilarious. He even got cheered during his entrance and when he got the hot tag!

    Not a fan of RVD, but can't say I'm mad at the thought of RVD/Ion for the X Division title, especially since I'm pretty sure Ion goes over.

    Joseph Park being Aces & 8s prisoner is hilarious in a 'low budget action movie' kind of way

    Good build for the tag team titles match throughout the show

    You know you marked hard for BULLY GET THE TABLES!

    Joey Ryan is bringing Sleezy back

    Joe/Magnus segment was good, wish this feud had been given more time.

    We got a Bobby Roode main event match, with an awesome Aries promo to end it. Good shit

    Everything was fluid, entertaining and built to the PPV, which I am now looking forward to much more than I was before the go home show.
  4. How does this show only have ratings from 4 users? wtf is wrong with you people? did you not watch the show?

    fucking WWE marks ftl
  5. Because these are WWE Marks:
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    And these are TNA Marks:
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  6. Just watched: I'd give it a 7/10, purely out of personal enjoyment and not due to story progression or anything because I haven't watched regularly. Absolutely loved anything involving Bully Ray, and the Aries promo at the end was great; though, what the fucking hell was that from Hardy? 'My nuts hurt, my neck hurts and I'm gonna beat your cocky little ass on Sunday!, that doesn't even make sense lol.

    Could see myself staying up for BFG since I have no school, looking forward to Roode/Storm and 8s/Bully/Sting the most.
  7. Are you new to Jeff Hardy promos? That was actually above average by his standard
  8. They're usually bad, but actually make some sense. That was just weird.
  9. I disagree. This one made as much sense as they ever do
  10. It's annoying because Hardy's promo as the anti-christ were quite good.
  11. I don't remember any specific promos from his heel run tbh. He was always in Immortal and they would all be in the ring together and I don't remember him on the stick too often.
  12. He had tons of good promos, but they were mostly backstage or taped or on Reaction after Impact, so I'm not sure I can find them on YT. Hardy's promos as a heel = winning.