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  1. Gotta give it an 8 here. Missed that "big show feel" last week's show had, but the wrestling was tremendous and storylines are progressing perfectly.

    What say you?
  2. Since this one is my third Impact ever (First I discuss) Im gonna give it a 8.5/10 Dat Bully ray :fap: Didnt like the outcome of the main event but it was expected
  3. 8.5 for me, I'd say. Maybe an 8.25 if I want to get really technical. :haha:

    Very awesome matches. The segments and Bully's explaining of everything was tremendous. Aries/Roode action, Park action, Joe/Magnus action, so on and so forth. Really awesome show tonight.

    Wait..... not enough Kaz/Daniels. :tough: 8/10.
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  4. 8 from me. Bully's segments were killer, AA/Roode, Sonjay, Main event :win:
  5. 8/10

    Bully ftw.
  6. 7/10 from me. Solid throughout but without the massive momentum the last episode had after Lockdown. That I can only blame on time though since everything was quality.
  7. 9/10. It was great imo
  8. 7.5 Not the best show. There was plenty of wrestling, not enough storyline build up. There were no Kaz/Daniels in there, which are good for the show.
  9. Another great Impact episode, show's got a hell of a lot more momentum since Lockdown. Everything segment felt relevant and, more importantly, were really entertaining. Bully's segments throughout the show were fantastic as they not only were gripping, but it gave us just enough of A+8s without numerous backstage segments and attacks. Clever booking.

    Great matches throughout as well.

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  10. 9 because of Bully. I didn't take my eyes off the screen when he was on.
  11. 7.5/10

    Enjoyed matches and segments, especially Park vs. Morgan and 4 Way main event, it was awesome. Last week was better, but I get why. This is just a middle on the road edition and it was a very good show.
  12. 8/10.

    Bully Ray segments were just fucking incredible. Not a fan of how weak Roode/Aries look constantly now (both former long term recent world champions...), but love that they're facing Bad Influence.

    Overall a good show again.
  13. Do you think we will see slight increases in viewership during live impacts and slight decreases during taped ones in the future?
  14. :mog: Rated a TNA show higher than me! Hahah

    Slight, yes.
  15. This is a day to remember. Testify giving the lowest rating for TNA :mog: :wtf:
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  16. Stopspot gave 7/10. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  17. :win: :testify:
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  18. Dammit Plopspot, you negative douche :angry:
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