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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Roadster, Aug 7, 2014.

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  2. 7/10 Points off for Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow. The Monster's ball wasn't bad itself, just that it was booked at all. I've had enough of Park's Monster Balls.

    X Division match -Joe Pwnd
    Storm and Sanada are getting creepy
    ECIII and Spud were the performers they always are.
    Roode is strong
  3. 1 1/2 for Dixie looking like she broke her neck. 6 points for Joe, Monster's Ball and Bobby Roode.
  4. If your neck just got snapped, would you really be moving, bro?
  5. Huge plus for show starting with a match (which was a very good one). Bram is quality.

    Overall, a damn good show. It had some meh things on it as usual, but I liked it.

  6. 14/10 and i haven't even seen the shit yet. TBP need to go back to selling their bodies for lines, you can pick the kind. Abyss I can't get into but I dig bram, saw Bully overshoot the table and all I can say is I wish Dixie was wearing a low cut top.

    She can be put on her back for weeks, it's her guts she'd have to worry about with the Champ in and around downtown.
  7. [​IMG]

    8/10. TNA's hot streak continues and we got the best screencap ever.
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  8. lmao, Spud's face lmfao
  9. Oh, and how awesome was Al Snow? That was just epic
  10. Really, dude? Really? You really thought Al Snow coming out was epic? C'mon now.
  11. I also cringed at it, but at least he was in good shape and busted out an Asai Moonsault. Even though I'm absolutely not a fan of building a 2014 wrestling show on ECW, he surprised me.
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  12. You either marked out for the Al Snow moonsault or you're lying. That was awesome.
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  13. The spot was impressive. It would be impressive on my front lawn.
    Al Snow coming out to live TV and not going out on his back was extremely gay.
    He is a trainer and he proved through that spot that he is a good one. Being a good trainer isn't the same as rolling his old a** on live TV to defeat EC motherf***ing III and his crew.
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  14. What can I say? I'm a fan of Al Snow since forever, and was impressed by his shape and moonsault. It was a feel good moment for me.
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  15. Da** it, Testify. Every time I want crush you, you rip out the 'that's just the way I roll' card. Da** you.
    Kids, wise up. Before a cat makes an example of you for getting sweet on his old lady be sure to fish out that 'that's just the way I roll' card.
    I've done it, didn't think it was common. Well played, Testify, well played. You a** hole
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  16. Haven't been on this forum for like a week, my internet connection was dead. Had a lot catching up to do, SmackDown, TNA... Yesterday's RAW is up next!

    I have to give this show a 10/10. Purely because Dixie was put through a table, it was beyond awesome!
  17. 8/10

    It was great. Really enjoyed the matches.
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  18. Snitsky being a creep = priceless
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