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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Drag, Oct 1, 2016.

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  1. It's a new generation my dudes. New champs across the board and with the way things are going, well brother, somethin's gotta give!!!!!

    But what did you think about IWT Anarchy? Was it good? Okay? PISS? YOU decide brothers.

    Here's a rundown of the card so if you want to give some personal thoughts and opinions you can:

    Luis Ovaldinho (c) vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT Championship -
    Winner: Luis Ovaldinho

    Jack Forté (c) vs. James Dragon for the IWT Intercontinental Championship -
    Winner: James Dragon

    Scott Fargo (c) vs. Tyson Storm for the IWT Universal Championship -
    Winner: Scott Fargo

    Schizo (c) vs. Cousin Eddy for the IWT Television Championship -
    Winner: Cousin Eddy

    Virtue vs. DTF IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament Finals for the IWT Tag Team Championships -
    Winners: Virtue

    Ivy Hale vs. Spawn -
    Winenr: Ivy Hale

    Chris Kaizer vs. Chris Young -
    Winner: Chris Kaizer

    Nick vs. Adam Burke -
    Winner: Nick
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  2. Wait...was the show posted?
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  3. You can wait to the show if you want but it's mostly from a match standpoint. @Shadow kept pressuring me to post it soon as I mentioned it anyway.
  4. I'll rate them separately.
  5. Good matches, some were sub-par. But the voter turn-out was better than expected especially for a September PPV. We got pretty late on the situation, but a 7/10 PPV overall.

    Thought it could've been better.
  6. it was p. cool yeah
  7. 7/10 is a fair rating. There were no bad matches but only one incredible one that really stuck out to me, Dragon/Forte, possible MOTY. Virtue are your new TAG CHAMPS AYYYYYYYYYYY but yea overall terrific show for a September PPV.
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  8. I wanna die
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  9. 0/10 - I didn't win the tag belts...jk.

    7/10, there were some strong matches and promos done, although if people hadn't had time constraints or un-expected issues, I believe it would of been a 9/10.

    MOTN: James Dragon vs Jack Forte
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  10. Great matches for the most part. Forte vs Dragon tore the house down and that undefeated streak being broken was a highlight for the ppv.

    Main Event lacking was a big blow for this PPV and hopefully the main event will actually portray itself as such in the upcoming PPV.

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