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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Harley Quinn, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. You know the drill, give the show your ratings :tough:

    I say a solid 9/10

    10 man Tag team match was tremendous, everyone got their promos and that Sackfist return was GOAT.

    X Division match was random as fuck, but enjoyable.

    THG vs Sir Lee was awesome :obama:

    VP's address was a surprise, but great to see.

    Battle of the Canadians was....well.... :dawg: Buried by Trips

    And the IWT Championship match was possibly my favorite match next to the 10 man tag team match.
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  2. 9/10, expected more from the canadians, but Trips did what Trips does, and that laugh alone made up for most of it. Oval vs THG was great, I loved the hell out of the 10man tag match, hell even the preshow was worth checking out. We have a lot of good members in the IWT, and a lot of thing's to look forward to. Dat Kid vs FTJ, two words. Video, promos.

    Also it's about time Aids went to see VP in the asylum. Looking forward to where that all goes, and I hear a few big names will be returning soon.
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  3. 8.5/10. GREAT show, would have been a 10 if it wasn't for Canada. 10 man tag was awesome, my match was cool, main event MOTN. Good job everyone. Oh, and what Victoria is doing is really interesting.
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  4. 9/10 as well. Only one match left me a bit disappointed (Canadian one, go figure) but other than that it was awesome. Just about everyone put in their best efforts.
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  5. Anytime im not on the card its shit. Shit/10

  6. I'll be honest, I love that my name so closely resembles what people refer to HHH as. :bury:

    Also, do THREADS have an ignore user option? LOL Just kidding Frank,
    but not really.

    Guys, help me out, what the fuck does "copatled" mean?
  7. I'm going to ask any mod who's reading this to please clean this thread if possible. This is a ratings thread, not a complaint and flame log.
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  9. Just want this thread to go on track and here feedback from the show. This thread is just making a turn for the worst, and it's unnecessary.
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  10. 8.5/10. Absolutely fantastic show with the only bad thing being the match between Perfect and Punk. Other than that Canadian Moose Crap, everything was great.

    Everyone needs to keep up the fantastic work.

    Except those two mother canukers. They can go canuk themselves.
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    Great show.
  12. I Rate it 9/10
    Sold Card, Especially that Pre-Show match....
    I Think Aids vs DK and Alias vs Dover stole the show.....Not to say the other matches were bad but I think those two matches deserved a spot on the show.....
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  13. Awesome to see people enjoyed my match with Ben, great stuff.
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  14. Liked it. All matches were great 8.5/10
    DK James has establish himself as a top star. Still not enough to steal that championship away from the champ
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  15. I'm just gonna give credit where it's due. DKJames upped my game just with his challenge. I might have won this one but that future of iwt promo i laid out wasnt just me joking around, that countdown began a month ago.
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