Rate IWT Elimination Chamber 2014

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  1. Nero vs. Reagan Cole

  2. THG vs. Johnny B. Cool

  3. The Order vs. The Rock N Roll Desperados

  4. Dazzling Chavs & Chris Kaizer vs. Aiden Ryan & Unknown & Edward Coleman

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  5. World Heavyweight Championship Chamber

  6. IWT Championship Chamber

  1. I made this thread before the end of the IWT Championship Elimination Chamber. But still, I thought this would be a cool idea. Your initial reactions on the matches here at EC? We can save the initial rating til after the IWT EC is done.

  2. 8.5/10. Fuck the IWT EC Match, we could write the a book the length of the bible with the promos. Everything else was nice, @Fullofit is a pussy, Dazzling Chavs are the best, Nero is a jobber (and so is Cole), and The Order will job at Mania.
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  3. All matches were great but I cast my vote to the IWT Chamber.
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  4. 9. Dat Kid wins, steals the show, fuck everybody else.
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  5. The WHC Chamber match was stellar, the IWT Chamber match caused a lot of problems but still a good match. Everything else was OK. Disappointed with my match especially. 7/10 show.
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  6. @Fullofit you shit voting in your match and you weren't even there. Why weren't you anyway jobber.
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  7. Voted for the tag team tournament final the whc already gas enough love so I thought I'd give another match some love
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    Everything in the PPV was good besides my first promo in the EC.

    oh and @Fullofit being a fucking asshole and not showing up; die in a forrest fire pls...

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