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  1. What the title says.

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  2. Really solid show. Turned out better than Mania for sure. Tag team match, me vs. Kid (Both of 'em), and Majour vs. Nick II were gr8.

    Every title except Oval's changed hands lol.
  3. It will...at Payback.
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  4. Think Frie did amazing. 10/10
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  5. Aiden Ryan's appearance to save Pain...

  6. 4/10
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  7. 8/10. Dat Kid vs Antonio was the highlight.
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  8. 8/10, hoping this isnt the last of D'z.
  9. Not a bad event. WHC imo is the top teir belt given the matches, no offense to Forrest or DK James, just the quick change sort of diminishes the belt, plus Dat Kid vs Alias was built up very well and the rematch was a shocker. Great work from both of them
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  10. I lost -100/10
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  11. I agree dude, no problem. Hoping to change that.
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  12. 7.5/10.

    A lot of the matches went on too long, ME was a let down (sorry, bby Dk.). WHC was good, EU match was #MOTY.
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  13. Nick vs Majour + anything else that was good = 7/10
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