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  1. Last match is in voting, so I thought I would put this up. Let us know what you thought, liked, disliked, etc.
  2. To be honest, it felt really slow and uneventful besides the "main event"'s wonderful swerve ending, and Gav making it all the way to the 4th round.
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  3. Yeah I wish the first round hadn't taken 2 days to finish in each ladder match.
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  4. ^To this same point, I had wanted to fully enforce the promo within 24 hours rule, but Aids gave me shit about if he didn't make it to post in the time limit because of his job or something, so I decided to allow for extensions. Probably shouldn't allow them next time (whenever THAT is)
  5. Meh, time limit or not, he would have lost anyway.
  6. The matches got painfully slow at times, but were still really high quality.

    Twelve hour votes were good in the sense of speeding up the process and not prolonging the wait for us competitors, but also bad in the sense that I missed one or two votes due to the lower time limit.
  7. Right, good in one way, bad in another. I think that evens it out though, but like I said, we need to stick to the 24 hour time limit if we do it again in the future.
  8. All matches were great. I don't think there was a single fault in any. Getting the ladder match i was in on a roll was a little slow but it ended up being a fantastic battle between Nick And Majour, I didn't think I'd get such support out of those who were so hard on me in the begining so i would say this pay per view was something meaningful to me.

    Seeing championships change hands was pretty intense, but yet awesome. I am very happy for Victoria, Chris And Joey however I do not want to see it end there, maybe some rematches could be in order because the championship matches were just amazing.
    The IWT contract ladder match was such a shocker near the final three, Gav, Dazzle and Sackfist are pretty fucking awesome and they did amazing in it.
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  9. You may get exactly that :bodallas:
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  10. Can't wait. Keep up the good booking, Trip.
  11. Oh thanks, but I just take cues from the competitors for the most part man. Like putting a puzzle together as the pieces are handed to you
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  12. In terms of match quality, this was one of the better PPVs. Like everyone the only complain for me was the length of the MITB matches. 8/10
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  13. Less competitors per match could help that I think. Maybe 5 instead of 6
  14. From now on I say no more extensions (unless it's like the person is online typing their promo and will be another 10 minutes or so, but some extensions took the piss.)

    You can see what date your match is, it's up to you to make sure you'll be able to get it in in time. If not then you just forfeit in the match.

    Otherwise I loved the 2 MITB matches, the WHC more so that was excellent, and I thought the tag titles was really good as well, apart from the bitter finish.
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  15. Glad you guys at least liked the ladder match "template" as it were.
  16. No one's talking about the Hardcore Championship match... :downer:
  17. @Butters! did mention you didn't he? Not the "match" I guess though
  18. I mentioned you, Cray. :)
  19. :lol1: It's no big deal, but thank you. The highlight for me were the WHC MITB matches.
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  20. WHC > IWT apparently. What up guys?