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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Nickelodeon, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Since we haven't had these threads in a while, thought I'd start bringing them back. Pretty simple, rate the show, tell us what you did/didn't like.

    IF YOU DO, YOU'LL GET A COOKIE!*warning, cookie is not guaranteed*

    Show Spoiler


    -Most matches had good action in them and I enjoyed some of the story-telling elements added into it.

    -The addition of a proper show introduction, very simple but adds to the feel of being at a wrestling event.

    -My match in particular, I enjoyed the fact you had Reagan target Ivy's ankle as payback and you made Ivy look strong, while still giving Reagan a good showing in his last match.

    Did not enjoy as much:
    -The formatting at times made things a bit hard to follow, maybe it is because I am not used to how you guys format it. I say to improve maybe find a way to make it consistent across the match writers and if someone is speaking maybe colour in their name so I won't go "Wait, he is saying "I" now, who is speaking?"

    -The one match I didn't like was the Battle Royal and I kind of agreed with NickthePingu on that. A match with that many people is hard to write and the fact that it was two giant globs of text for paragraphs didn't help. The eliminations didn't feel special and there wasn't much of a chance for the people involved to get their "moment of fame" if you will. Maybe if the eliminations where wrote out afterwards like "Elimination: Lilith Young" or something like that afterwards and if you broke those globs of text into smaller paragraphs, then it would have helped a bit more.

    -THE NWO NAME! At least you guys are changing it...
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  3. I am not a fan of the different writing styles. I personally like my style better, it's easier to write in as well. Just have a paragraph of description and action with commentary to split it up.

    I want to make it uniform, in the coming months.
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  4. That I agree with. Plus I saw stuff like this a lot during matches.

    John Cena lifts AJ Styles over his shoulders with the last bits of his strength. He takes a deep breath before tossing him over his shoulder onto the mat, driving him into the mat with a thunderous Attitude Adjustment! He slowly goes over for the pin...


    NO! AJ Styles gets his shoulder up for the three count!

    Near the end is great, but if that is done several times over the course of one match...and multiple matches it goes from being dramatic to annoying. Especially if you guys want to keep commentary during the whole show. Just talk with the writing staff on that and find a happy medium you all can agree on. Plus all the text is wrote in the same way minus some italics. If you don't colour names, maybe bold them to make them stand out more. Just some suggestions, don't need to follow anything I say.
  5. Gave it a 9/10. Only thing I didn't like was the no-show with Jack Lux/Braeden Cross. Pretty much all the matches were terrific. Shadow did a wonnnnderful job at writing Bishop/Forte, 10/10 stuff there, couldn't be more pleased, and the rest of the matches were great as well. Lot of them even better than I thought. Definitely the best IWT show of the year and it can only go up from here.
  6. I gave it a 9/10 as well, but instead of looking at how the matches were written and pointing out minor annoyances, I try to look more at how the matches went and how they had a purpose.

    Review of the matches (open)
    - Bishop vs. Jack Forté: Absolute great match imo. It didn't need all the stipulations, Forté didn't need to put his HoF ring on the line imo but what I did like was Bishop putting his career on the line, because he's a proud man that saw this match as the end goal, as the moment to solidify his career and if he couldn't do it, what was the point of being here for a guy like Bishop? All he wanted was to be the best and if he couldn't beat Forté, he couldn't be the best and then, there's no point to even being there, init? One of 4/5 matches I could totally understand being seen as a MoTN.

    - Alias Antonio vs. Dat Kid: Really good match, there obviously were some moments where both of you kinda repeated the same stuff but that's what you get when you have an Ironman Match like that. Like I've said before, it's hard for me at times to have the energy to write 2 promo's for a match. The fact that you lads did 5 is just great shit, ngl. What surprised me as well was that you guys later teamed up as nWo. Despite me not quite understanding what the fuck is happening with the IWT Championship, I'm interested in it. Hope you lads won't freebird the title, though~

    - Battle Royal: Served its purpose as a way to have 8 relatively new characters trying to fight for a shot at the Television Championship, and whilst there are obviously some stand-out lads from this match that'll get elevated even if they lost, you had one girl that stood out more than anything and that was Kelsey Taylor who's gonna have another ''darkish'' match with Schizo, hopefully. I like that dynamic between their characters and I bet they're gonna have a killer match next month.

    - Braedon Cross vs. Jack Lux: I think both of you are good lads, so it's a shame that you guys no-showed. Next time, please don't. If you tell someone you wanna do something at a PPV and they make a spot for you lads, don't no-show. However, I will say that I've enjoyed your little best-of-3 series, so I hope that next time, you both actually show up. Much love nonetheless.

    - Adam vs. Rio Nakayama: Good match, that got Rio more over, I feel like. He came in The Bullad Club later, and having lost his first match to Nick was a shame as it felt like he was more a Takahashi to the group, but this match showed that not only does he win, he's a damn good promo'er that can easily hang with anyone in IWT imo. Adam also showed good stuff, all he has to do is figure out where he goes from here because when the most important character trait was that he and Fargo were best friends a while back caused him to be in a corner from the start imo. If he can leave that, I can see him winning some matches for sure.

    - Reagan Cole vs. Ivy Hale: Ivy's good as a character. She's devious, and respect to the guy playing the character for understanding the difference in promo style. Whilst your second promo was still relatively long, I still thought this was a strong way to debut you and a good way for Reagan Cole to leave, putting over ''the future'' in the process by retiring your candy ass~

    - Michael vs. Danny Jacobs: I'm not gonna talk too long about my own match as that'd just be kinda gay, but this is a potential MoTN as well imo. It felt to me like Tsar really wanted to beat me, but NOT. A. CHANCE! THE STORM OF THE BIG GUY IS LARGER THAN KATRINA, BROTHER~!

    - Christian vs. Guernica: A good ''newcomer vs. grizzled vet'' match, with the rookie winning, showing his potential and beating a former 3-time World Champion. Great stuff. Hope this elevates Guernica as a character more.

    - Breakdown of the last four matches (can't be arsed to write this anymore~): James Dragon is great, Nick is great, potential MoTN there as well. Nick had a great first promo, but Drago really came back with his second. James Dragon comes off like a self-centered asshole, but an asshole with a real goal of being the best and knocking the king of his throne, which I like.

    Schizo vs. Cousin Eddy was different, but a good type of different. Loved the match, you guys were more playing with eachother's characters and showing yourselves as being dangerous and deranged more than shouting insults to eachother which is nice as well. Good shit.

    Oval as a babyface is pure money, Aids damn right lost his mind, but the match got a shit ton of votes so who am I to judge? (~) Deserved title win. Don't know how I feel about nWo f'ing up the plans, but I'm sure it'll be interesting right there. Also, are there 3 IWT Champions now? Also, nWo vs. Bullad Club amirite?

    Fargo vs. Kaizer was strong as well, another possible MoTN there as well imo. Kaizer is so good, and he came off strong. Personally, I'd have voted for him but BULLAD CLUB TOOK OVER BABY~! WE THE TOP AND AIN'T NOBODY STOPPING US BROTHERS, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!~!~!~!~!

    It's gonna be really interesting to see how everything in IWT will play out in the next couple of months and seeing how things will change with this influx of new talent coming in, ngl. I'm hyped.
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  7. can't really say there was a bad match this PPV. loved the matches and loved the show, prolly would of been a higher rating if more people did some hype before their matches.
  8. Really don't think the IW3(Fuck nWo as a name) are actually champs, just trying to get heel heat. Got nothing on the BC, though. *too sweets THE BIG GUY~!*
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  9. who?
  10. 100% spot on man. Makes me happy knowing I got that point across, that was indeed the overall goal. Your write up was great though, agreed with just about all of it.
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  11. I pretty much agree with Dat Kid on all points. I don't know whether to vote by promo quality or show writing quality, but I voted the higher (9)
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  12. best show in some time
  13. Yeah, I can understand where you are coming from. Honestly, if my match (Kaizer/Fargo) wasn't up to par, I understand. I was completely worn out that weekend and it was the first match I'd written in months. Any suggestions and criticisms are welcome.