Storyline Rate IWT Survivor Series 2014

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  1. Even though the event is actually not finished due to Nick cashing in for the World Heavyweight Championship. I still wanted to make this thread since I actually don't know if people have been posting these for the past couple of PPVs/Events. Still.

    Pretty much rate everything on the card. From the best match to the worst match.

    Thoughts on each match?

    Favorite moments? Thoughts on certain people?

    Etc etc. Whatever you want to say about this event, say it.

    Also, for myself. Who were the 3 people that stood out from this event so I may put them on the cover?


  2. 7/10.

    FSW vs IWT was great. The X-treme match as well, @Ovalhead Le Jobber good job bbe.

    1. Soli ofc
    2. THG
    3. Me ofc.
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  3. Solidus, DK James and THG?

    Shout out to Clinton, Jwab and Stop though for dope promos as well.
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  4. I was most impressed by Spot's promo
  5. 9/10. AWESOME SHOW. Xtreme match ruled, FSW vs. IWT ruled, main event was pretty good and NICK CASHING IN OMG. what a history making show.
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  6. 8/10

    It would have been a 9/10 if the Delik debate didn't arise in the middle of the tag match.
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  7. Pretty much what thg? Says it was a great ppv overall my only disappointment was b.dazzle not showing up :boohoo:
  8. 9/10 for sure. Standouts were Christian (I mark hard for any Christian promo), Alias, and Midas no doubt.
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  9. This.
  10. 10/10 overall a great show, Midas unleashed his mighty shovel on fsw but we still lost. (Kinda feel like I let us down :(()
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