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  1. Give your ratings for the Survivor Series here on Internet Wrestling Titles! I give it a 8.5/10.

    The matches were great, the IWT title match, and IWT tag team matches were my personal favorites.

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    B DAZZLE Y U NO SHAZZLE :pipebomb:
  2. The main event was better than WWE's SS main event. :pipebomb:
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  3. B.Dazzke don't need to shazzle! B.Dazzle is holding TWO championship belts!

  4. 9/10, the only point off being no danielson vs Senhor, i was so ready to mark like a little girl for it.

    All the matches were good if not great, I really enjoyed the Tag team match most of all, can't wait for the rematch.
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  5. 9/10. -1 point for no big aftermath to the AIDS and Jono fight
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  6. Patience, IWT viewer.

    I'll be most likely enjoying the repercussions for at least the next ppv.
  7. Meh, I wanted to see some good ole fashing internet fight!
  8. Dirt sheets were wrong

    No danielson? 0/10
  9. lol speaking of bias voting, did you even read before voting for your own team?

    Ovalhead Alias and VP shit on your team bad, and CM was easily up there. Your team? Dat kid was spouting shit like being the only one to win 2 titles in a ppv like 2 hours after Dazzle officially won his 2nd belt of the night. :pity:
  10. whoa whoa whoa, this thread is completely different bruh.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Good one.
  12. For the record. I was busy with stuff. I wanted to be there and talked about it for a couple of hours with dat kid on xbox live. Just didn't make it online in time bruh. Don't hold it against me, what if my gma died or something fucked up (she didn't) but still
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  13. Dude im not hating on you leaving, just asking if you really are in a position to question others voting when you no showed and voted your own team not long after. Did you, read, the promos, before, voting.?
  14. Then I accept your vote. You done implying I cheated by asking people to read/vote?
  15. Did you read the part when I said it was a joke? I thought it would be fun to say it because of how big of a deal it was made before. Congrats on the win. I.don't.really.care.
  16. lol I dont win but you just stated why I would be butthurt on being called a cheater, again.

    VP and JB both did awesome, and I think this match could have been a lot closer. I asked people to vote, and a lot of them voted me, but some voted for VP and DK, and some decided against voting at all. I just want this section to be active. Sorry i got so butthurt man, i really didnt mean to get so offended but this has been happening every month but (oddly) when I lost to VP, even though i Pm'd a grip of people and lost.
  17. You didn't win? Thought you were ahead in the votes
  18. She beat me at the last ppv, bud. I was talking about then. Voting here i think is open for like 3.5 hours.
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