OOC Rate IWT Uprising

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Trip in the Head, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. So what'd you guys think? Here's the place to say it.
  2. 10/10.

    Shoutout to the only guy who defeated a champion...me!
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  3. 6.9/10 Would have been a 10 but promos were to long
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  4. I know right? Ovalhead's promos were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.
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  5. 9/10. I think just about everyone gave it their all in their matches, would've been a perfect 10 but it was so hard to vote in that cluster fuck of a WHC contender match.
  6. Oh shit, that guys so pointless I forgot he was the card, I'm changing my rating to 5 now, what a useless bastard that guy is.
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  7. 10/10 Dat Kid wins, Dat Kid makes Alias look like a bitch, Dat Kid brings back Britanica, Dat Kid swerves more than Russo, Dat Kid hustles inferior GM Trip in the head. The only rating I can give higher than this is a Dat Kid/10.
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  8. 9/10 Everything was good, excluding the forfeit match
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  9. I liked nearly everything on the card. Mine and Kid's interactions were cool as well.
  10. No love for my only near win?

  11. Lol near win
  12. 7/10

    Did Shadow and I really have to wrestle the IWT equivalent of Eugene?
    A bit too clustery around the world title with too much going on at once imo.
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  13. 8/10.
    Everyone did a great job and I was impressed with all of you.
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  14. Well I know who I can thank for that
  15. You sure do. Maybe that is something to consider in the future, that booking changes has to be done before a show?
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  16. :true:
  17. Trip please delete the match thread and re post it, I'll give you the promos.
  18. By that I mean I was near the number that won.
  19. ok?
  20. why would he do that?