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  1. God damn it, if someone deletes this like last time...:walter:
  2. I was about to say why did you make this if the event ain't even over, but technically the match is done, it's just the voting.

    P.S - I didn't delete the thread.
  3. The match was over so I thought why not?
  4. 4/10
    • Way To many reschedules and no shows as well as extension
    • No Adam and Jono match?
    • The handful of matches that did happen weren't entertaining or as good as EC or Uprising..
    • Underwhelming IC title match, supposed to "Steal the Show"
    • My Match ended in a forfeit
  5. 6/10

    Pros: Frie vs Me, D'z ranting on Jono, Tag Team Match was good imo, and Nick and Major going to sudden death
    Cons: Everything else
  6. Pretty sure the main event isnt over until it's really over. I hear there is a special surprise after.
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  7. Oh, I know. But uh...just wanna see how much that "surprise" boost the ratings in here.
  8. The Order vs The Dazzling Chavs was the best thing this show had.
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  9. Me burying FTJ/10
  10. 1/10

    fuck creative
    bs show
    load of shit
    awful show
    get jono out
    go book a match jono
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  11. No Senhor/10 :happy:
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  12. Even TNA would lol/10
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  13. TNA don't have enough $$$ to lol
  14. Dat Kid wins, Dat Kid steals the show, Dat Kid remains undefeated at WM 3-0, Dat Kid shut up the skype crew. Dat Kid made the WHC mean something (unlike Christian). 10/10

    ....oh there were other matches?
  15. not really, the x-division #1 contender match was the other big seller.
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  16. 6/10

    Same points but the ACTUAL Main event was awesome!
  17. I really enjoyed it.
  18. Really enjoyed my first match, I will give it a 6/10, Didn`t like the thing that happened with DZ and Oval, but the Tag Team championship match and the Main Event were really good