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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sackfist, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Title says as much:

    I would give it 10/10, superb PPV
  2. Rate Money In The Bank 2012

    9/10 for me. Loved it.

    SD Ladder match was the no.1 match for me.

    Really enjoyed this PPV.

    Hope Dolph cashes in soon.

    Cena's win was kinda obvious..
  3. 6 maybe.
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  4. Completely stolen my thread :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Massive 8 for me, thoroughly enjoyed it. So many positives.
  5. 7/10 max. Punk / Bryan whilst good left a bad taste in my mouth, Cena winning pissed me off beyond a few decent spots wasn't that great. DZ should have cashed in on Fella and won. ADR / Shaymoose was enjoyable for me. Divas and Ryberg wasn't that great tbh.
  6. 7/10

    The latter half of the card not as good as the first!
  7. 7/10 - Longer review tomorrow but Punk/Bryan was very good, Sheamus/Del Rio was a good match but of course, match of the night and best result of the night by a mile - the SD! MitB.

    Plus I'm £114 up :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Can't have it all, bro. :pity:
  9. 8/10.

    SD MITB was fantastic, heaps of good spots. Kidd was amazing, hopefully an IC push.

    Sheamus/Delrio was imo a borefest. But hey, I hate both of them so I'm biassed.

    Punk/Bryan was amazing. Match of the night imo. Good mix of brutality and drama. AJ played a great role. Ending was fantastic also, regardless if AJ didn't cause the win.

    The filler matches were watchable. Ryback getting actual competition was good, seeing Hawkins and Reks do some damage was sweet.

    Didn't watch the Divas match so idk, probably bad.

    RAW MITB was decent, which is amazing considering it had Show in there. Good back and fourth match. Miz really should've won, but oh well, he's bound to get a decent push anyway.


    What left a bad taste in your mouth about Punk/Bryan? The ending?
  10. 7.5/10
    Three unadvertised matches and Sheamus Vs. Del Rio is just boring.
  11. 8/10.

    All matches were good except for the divas match. Didn't like how Dolph got brogue kicked when he tried to cash in.
  12. I'm saying 8/10 on it.

    Sheamus-Del Rio was entertaining.
    WHC MITB was very good. Outcome was somewhat expected, but not overly so. Good bumps and action.
    WWEC MITB was very good as well. This time the outcome was a foregone conclusion, but they teased everybody else (except really Kane) having a shot at winning. They especially sold Jericho winning it very well, but, when Miz appeared at the top of the ladder, I knew how it would end. It was still a very good match.
    Ryback-Reks/Hawkins was entertaining. It was good to see Ryback face some adversity and have to overcome it rather than just squashing everything in his path. They are definitely building him very well as a monster face.
    O'Neil/Young-Primo/Epico was a good tag match and the six-divas tag was good, even if the ending was way too predictable.
    Which brings me to Punk-Bryan. Match of the night definitely. This was an old-school hardcore match. Even Joey Styles compared it to the glory days of ECW. The only predictable part was that it was unpredictable. AJ's "instability" made things very interesting and entertaining, as most people thought she would swing one way or the other, but she didn't, which makes her role in all this even murkier but far more intriguing. These are two of the best (if not the two best) professional wrestlers in the business today and they let it all hang out. It was a stellar piece of in-ring storytelling and physical performing.

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  13. My favorite was Punk/Bryan since it had me at the edge of my seat and got me truly excited.
    2nd has to be WHC MITB since it was less preditctable between DZ and CD, and was pretty good.
    3rd is WWE MITB because it was surprisingly good despite the winner.
    4th is everything else.
    Fillers were okay, but Sheamus vs ADR was boring.
    Dolph got me excited though when I saw him come out, despite getting brogue kicked, and it's okay since he still has the briefcase.

  14. "An optimist is usually disappointed, but a pessimist is usually pleasantly surprised."

    8/10. Expected nothing from this show. Got something spectacular.

    Ziggler winning was retarded.
  15. 8/10
    The WHC MiTB match easily stole the show. Tyson preformed like a champion and WWE really used him well.
  16. 8/10. :]] Diva and Ryback's matches ruined the shit.
  17. Ryback's was good imo. It was long and not a squash. It felt like an actual match. Best match Ryback has been so far.
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  18. This! :win:
  19. 10/10 because of AJ. My God what a good looking girl loL!
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