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  1. Kind of a weird PPV, but go on and rate it.
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    the post-show LD discussion is entertaining me more than what I saw on the ppv /10
  3. Db is champion/10
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  4. Thanks to the guys on the LDT otherwise I wouldnt have watched it.

    Preshow- 6/10 for a preshow. PTP FTW
    Axel vs Kingston- Yawn 2/10
    RVD vs ADR Lazy booking, yawn 2/10
    Fatal four divas. MOTN haha, the only match that I actually cared for. Didnt want any total divas winning and AJ retained. 3/10
    Ziggler vs Ambrose. 4/10 Just boring, we have seen this 5 times before the PPV
    Punk vs Heyman/Axel Fun match, SD! Quality. Fuck Ryback. 3/10
    Miz vs Fandango 0/10
    PTP/Shield Titus is a beast 5/10
    Orton vs Bryan. Surprised. They need to keep the shit fresh. Sadly, the match wasnt too good. Main event of RAW quality. Bryan is 2x WWE Champion, but he wont have the title by the end of RAW 5/10

  5. 2.5/10 This pay per view felt like a smackdown. it was bad. like 1 or 2 matches were ok.
  6. 3/10. They had a great potential build up and ruined it by centering the whole PPV around three feuds.
  7. 5/10

    It wasn't horrible, but I honestly wouldn't have minded missing it. Actually took a shower during Ambrose vs Ziggler. :haha:
  8. for less than 24 hours

    edit: /10
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  9. So i've been told.

  10. [​IMG]

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  12. Hey guys, she took a shower during the match. Give her attention, she wants it
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  13. WTF is your problem!?
  14. jk

  15. hahahaha your sig

  16. Don't worry, ignore it. I'll comfort you :ksi: :boss:
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  17. I am just calling it a nite. Later.
  18. 1/10. I don't care what anyone says, giving the title to Bryan, fastcount or not was the worst way to go with this. I feel like Bryan should have everyone against him. Including the refs
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  19. You sly devil!
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