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  1. 8/10 for me baby.

    Jose, no stealing my thread.
  2. 7.0/10 - Some very bad bookings IMO. Randy Orton over Dolph? :lol1:
  3. Free thread, free forum. Not your special thing. Pretty pathetic to just delete my thread instead of merging it.. :pity:

    But.. 7/10
  4. 8/10

    Hilarious match with Dbry and Kane, amazing (and imo MOTN) between Orton and Ziggles, and a "I got so pissed off but then I marked out so much" moment between Punk and Cena. Good PPV.
  5. 4/10

    Good match between Orton/Ziggler before the obvious and predictable finish. Awful finish to Sheamus/Del Rio. Good match between Cena & Punk with a finish that I actually liked. Dusty finishes are hilarious and cool when they aren't overused. The finisher/kick out overkill shit was pissing me off though
  6. Didn't watch but Happy PUNK is still champ.
  7. 7/10, last match was awesome. Would've given it 8 if it wasn't for that bellend going over Zigs.
  8. 7/10.. Lots of surprises in this ppv but whatever...
    Figured Rhodes would win in the fatal 4 way
    Did not think Daniel Bryan and Kane would win but there's no way it will last long.
    Defiantly mad Ryder was defeated!! Why isn't he getting pushed?? I feel bad for him :(
    Thought Ziggler would win because i hate Randy Orton.
    How did i not see them changing Layla's opponent??
    Sheamus surprised me in many ways. Took a while to get that Brogue Kick going but finally.
    Cena and Punk wow the most amazing!! How do they leave it at a damn draw?? Figured Ziggler would cash in but i was surprised he did not.
  9. 8/10. Best PPV so far from WWE this year.
  10. And I had to miss it. Damn my luck.
  11. it was good ppv! 7.5/10 !


    eve winning
    kane and d-bry winning
    punk retaining cleanly
    ryder and cerealbowl feud starting


    no ryback
  12. Ryback not appearing was weird
  13. they made up for it with the raw segment!!
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