Spoiler Rate NXT Takeover: Dallas

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    Results (open)

    American Alpha defeat The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Titles via Pinfall at 15:13

    Kota Ibushi appearance

    Austin Aries defeats Baron Corbin via Pinfall at 10:45

    Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Sami Zayn via Pinfall at 18:55 *recommended*

    Asuka defeats Bayley for the NXT Women's title via KO at 15:25

    Bobby Roode appearance

    Finn Bálor defeats Samoa Joe to retain the NXT Title via Pinfall at 16:22

    Vote above and give your thoughts below.​
  2. 9/10, my first NXT ppv and it was awesome.
    Only downside was the Aries/Corbin match, slow pace and boring finish.
    Nakamura truly is great, Asuka vs Bayley was a great match, so was Balor/Joe.
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  3. 8/10

    Only thing I didn't like was Balor retaining. But they still had a great match.
  4. Better than London. 8/10 a SOTYC for sure, and it had a first ballot MOTYC. I seriously recommend watching Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn if you are unfamiliar with Nakamura or want to be see a classic.

    8/10 - The main event and Austin Aries' underwhelming match with Corbin brought it down to around a 7 or 6 but the Ibushi/Roode appearances bumped it back up.
  5. American Alpha/10







    Realistically, 8/10. Great to see AA win. Aries/Corbin was fine to build their feud, but it was the worst match on the card. Nak/Zayn was easily MOTN and definitely a MOTYC. Upset Asuka won but the match was really good. And didn't like that Balor retained, but the match was really well done, especially the finish. Easily the second best match.

    I would've easily given it a 9 or a 10 had Aries/Corbin been good, and if Joe won. Still an awesome show all around.
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  6. 9/10

    First time watching anything NXT and I am impressed. Well done HHH... NOW FIX RAW!!
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  7. Triple H can't fix RAW. He has no pull when it comes to RAW. He started NXT after taking the ashes of FCW from Vince and Dusty and turning it into a product that people can watch.
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  8. I know that lol Vince needs to let it go eventually. At least we know it will get better down the road.
  9. Even if Vince doesn't let it go, it will get better eventually. If anything that being a life long wrestling fan has taught me is that nothing lasts forever. Sucky New Generation, Hulkamania, NWO, Entertaining ROH, SmackDown six, overly-sexual WWE, WWECW, Ruthless Aggression era. It all changes.
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  10. Everything about the PPV was amazing, EVERYTHING! Asuka and Bayley's stiff strike fest, Samoa Joe bleeding like a fucking savage, and all of it capped off by the debut of The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries, and The King Of Strong Style himself, NAKAMURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! All of the matches were great, Nakamura V Zayn is a match that is complete perfection, #FightForever. Samoa Joe is going to fucking commit murder on Monday, mark my words and Asuka will take up Triple H's mantle of starting the Reign Of Terror. Amazing night of wrestling, and a masterpiece of a show. YEAOH!
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  11. Asuka is awesome and pretty hot :gusta:
    Nakamura is special. Love that man. <3

    Stopped watching after Asuka/bayley so idk, 8/10 or something.
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  12. Loved it. Everything was good, most of it was great. I gave it a 9.

    Nakamura vs Zayn was definitely the high point. And Shinsuke's entrance was phenomenal.

    Love Asuka and really enjoyed the match.

    I was surprised Balor retained but not unhappy. .A surprise like that that really takes me by surprise is great.

    The tag match was a phenomenal opener.

    The weak point was definitely Corbin vs Aries but I don't expect that often from either man.

    Great and will be a hard act for Wrestlemania to follow
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  13. WWE.com already posted an article speculating about Roode & Ibushi, they're getting signedddd.:roode:
  14. I'm so glad I got too see it in person
  15. Ibushi is probably going only for the cruiserweight show. Because he's downright retarded if he thinks he's getting a lighter schedule in WWE than in New Japan
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  16. Fuck Bobby Roode
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  17. Relevant?
  18. my hatred towards him is always relevant
  19. Agree to disagree. If you dislike Bobby Roode. Keep that to discussions on Roode.
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