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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Neptune, Feb 8, 2016.

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    Raw Results:

    Show Spoiler
    Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

    Although we've seen this one a few times lately, it was still a fun one. These two hit hard like always, and even utilized an interesting apron Famouser spot. However, the interesting ending came when Owens missed a cannonball. Ziggler converted this into a rope-assisted roll-up to win.

    Dolph Ziggler def Kevin Owens

    Charlotte vs Alicia Fox

    This happened. Charlotte won with the Figure Eight.

    Charlotte def Alicia Fox

    Bray Wyatt vs Ryback

    This one happened. Bray hit Sister Abigail from out of nowhere to win.

    Bray Wyatt def Ryback

    Afterward, The Wyatts kill Ryback.

    Titus O'Neil vs Adam Rose

    Before the match, the Outcasts cut one of those completely insane promos. Oh, Adam Rose is now the "Radical Mongoose"

    This one also happened. After a distraction from Heath Slater, Rose got the win with a roll-up full of tights.

    Adam Rose def Titus O'Neil

    Lucha Dragons vs Alberto Del Rio and Rusev

    This one happened. After King Barrett caused a distraction, Del Rio hit Kalisto with the double stomp to win.

    Alberto Del Rio and Rusev def Lucha Dragons

    Becky Lynch vs Tamina

    Sasha Banks is on commentary for this one.

    This one happened. Toward the end, Tamina and Sasha started to trade words, causing the latter to approach the ring. Naomi approached and beat Sasha down. Inside the ring, Becky saw the situation and came outside to help. Upon reentry, she ate a superkick.

    Tamina def Becky Lynch

    The Usos and The Dudley Boyz vs The New Day and Mark Henry (Tables match)

    As with the other matches tonight, this happened. Midway through, Henry got annoyed with The New Day and left. The New Day held their own for a few moments, but the faces took advantage quickly and got the win when Big E ate a 3D through the table.

    The Usos and The Dudley Boyz def The New Day and Mark Henry

    As The Usos celebrate, The Dudley Boyz attack. One Uso eats a 3D through the table, and the other Uso gets powerbombed through the table.


    ***Daniel Bryan Retires

  2. I gave it a 7 cause of D Bry, Styles and Brock. Other wise it would have gotten a 4... maybe a 3... okay a 3.5
  3. Incredibly boring. Even Brock decimating Ambrose didn't do much for me. 1/10 for the actual show. 1 just because Owens, Brock and Ambrose aren't complete shit.

    Daniel Bryan retiring is sad. But he's such a chill and humble dude, I'm glad he can leave while he's still sane and relatively healthy.
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  4. really lame raw, why didn't I sleep, college in 2 hours, fuck me, bryan might of retired but I need to pass, henry fake face tease is not helping, fuck you wwe
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  5. 4/10

    I liked...

    The tables match, especially the Dudleyz turning heel (who doesn't love a good heel turn?)

    Dean and Brock. It's nice seeing Roman playing 2nd fiddle to this feud.

    Goldust dressed like Jimi Hendrix lol

    Miz TV/Highlight Reel. This was actually one of the best of those I've seen in a long time since it was the 2 host arguing

    And obviously seeing Daniel Bryan for the last time on WWE

    The rest of the show was pretty plain. Also STOP giving us Ziggler vs Owens for fuck sake
  6. Watched Bryan & Brie walk to the ring, thought the crowd was chanting Gable and got really excited. Disappointed to hear they were chanting table.

    Didn't exactly praise Bryan, most of it was an exaggeration of my dislike on his gimmicks. But it sucks for anyone to retire that early on. At least he was able to leave mentally stable.

    Ambrose having a deathwish is awesome, really wish it was a one v one.

    Ziggler winning twice in a row is infuriating. Hated Ziggler before he was cool. #Hipster

    Rest seems like good examples why RAW should be 2 hours again. I remember when the special 3 hour RAWs were actually special, even wished it would always be 3 hours. Yeahhhhhhh, be careful what you wish for.
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  7. I'm not going to rate the show due to the fact that it was about the goodbye of Daniel Bryan.

    But, the things I really liked were the opening segment (and the one at the start of the second hour, as Shadow said, Ambrose having a deathwish is awesome) and of course... DB's farewell speech was beautifully done and quite a tear-jerker, too.

    All I can say is:

    I'll miss ya, brother.
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  8. I literally just finished watching RAW a few minutes ago and, well, I gave the show a 5/10 overall but with the breaking story of Daniel Bryan, everything else really feels secondary and getting into details regarding the progress (or not) of current storylines or how boring (at times) yet again RAW was tonight doesn't matter.

    I've been talking for weeks now of how I was expecting DB to show up sooner or later but this is certainly not what I (or we) had in mind. Really sad to see him forced to retire so soon and can only wish him the very best...

    P.S. I got a lot of shit I want to talk about regarding WWE and how so far this feels anything but Wrestlemania season but I'll save that for another topic sometime later or tomorrow...
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  9. A 7 from me

    Not bad at all, missed out on Bryan as he has been injured since i have watched so didnt get the fuss about him retiring
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