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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Go go go.

    I'm indecisive but I'm going to go with a 6/10 me thinks.
  2. Complete dog shit.

    Ziggler jobs to Jericho cleanly to a move that NEVER ends matches anymore
    Boring Punk promo in the opener, but Taker sort of salvaged it.
    Tons of pointless filler
    ME segment was good but not amazing
    Grading it on a RTWM scale, so it's a little more harsh

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  3. 4/10

    Wished Jericho had beaten up Fandango more.
  4. Gave it a shot. Giving it a 4/10. Didn't like anything a lot besides the end rock bottom.

    Might have to cut back on watching after mania. I'm already pretty committed to it until then.
  5. 5/10.

    Most of what happened was solid (either in quality or booking) but there was nothing that blew me away.
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  6. Great opening and closing segment.The rest was just meh..
  7. Not too upset that I missed it then, based on these reviews :phew:
  8. Yeah same here, caught it in the background here.

    What the fuck happened to spell check?

    I fell asleep in my chair halfway through / 10
  10. 33/100

    Fandango wasn't good when he beat Jericho
  11. 5/10

    It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen but there were few moments that wow'ed me.
  12. 6/10.

    Cena/Rock segment was done well but the Ryback/Henry handicap matches were bad.
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