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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Post your ratings and thoughts on tonight's RAW in this thread.
  2. The ending was awesome.
  3. H's heel promo and the main event made the show. The rest was a combination of bland and uninteresting. I wish the corp had a better heel than Orton, he's just so bland. Ziggler would have been better.
  4. So so 6/10 HHH, Steph, and main event were fantastic. Everything else was meh or worse.
  5. Rhodes Scholars won so all is well.
  6. The Rhodes won, not Rhodes Scholars.
  7. 2/10
  8. By the way, 6/10. Didn't watch the opening doe.

    Warning percent 200% for you. WHO IS WITH ME!
  9. 0.5/10 :pity:
  10. Stay on topic or you finna have to deal with the hounds of justice.
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  11. 0.1/10
  12. DAMMIT JIMMY! :angry:
  13. Is that sexual?
  14. Finna? :shock:
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  15. If you're into getting beat down. :pity2:
    OH HELL YES! :pipebomb:
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  16. :lol1: MOD WARS! :angry:
  17. New champions, Shawn Michaels appearance and Cena promos. WWE really wanted to put on a big show after some horrid PPVs/RAWs.

  18. 9.5/10 - Cody & GoldDust win... interesting... I thought for sure D.S. would cash in his MIB with ADR flopping around in the ring like that.. Punk should have made it a steel cage with just Ryback and have Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel barred from the site. I'm still waiting for the Big Show to knock Steph into the next County<g.>
  19. Better than last weeks, Rhodes brothers won tag titles, and Big Show got a big pop and he's full face. Highest rating I've given in months, 6/10.
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