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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. 4/10 for me.
  2. Alright, which one of you are Bret Hart in disguise?
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  3. RAW Recap #6 was the best segment of the night/10

    In all seriousness, though. What was good was really good (Ryback/Foley promo, Shield dominating the entire show, Dbry/Kane backstage segment, etc.), and what was bad was awful (everything else).

    Still loved watching it. The Shield vs Brothers of Destruction/Dbry match was surreal, and "GOD DAMNIT, JUST SHUTUP YOU LAZY BASTARD" was hilarious.
  4. The Shield Vs. BHNO! was a pretty good match.
    The recaps were phenomenal.
    The crowd blew.
    That's all I can think of, although I enjoyed the DT.
  5. Stopped watching after the first hour because it was boring as fuck. Checked in the discussion thread a few times to see if I missed anything and pretty much all I saw was "another recap", lol. Oh and "AJ!".

    edit: rather watch The Crocodile Hunter/10
  6. Those recaps saved the night brother, RAW Recap #6 to be precise.

    They all were pre' good tho'.
  7. 5/10 average show. A couple of decent moments, a LOT of filler. The singing of Fandangos theme is already annoying as fuck only 3-4 weeks later.
  8. recaps/10
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  9. nice sig. Did you make it yourself?
  10. nah had it done professionally
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  11. Damn. Was starting to think that you might actually be good at something.
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  12. 3/10.

    - Heyman promo/Sheild arrving via helicopter/Backstage DB and Kane hilarious segment
    - William Regal
    - Pretty good speech from Foley to Ryback

    - Too many recaps, even 2 Smackdown recaps. wtf?
    - Another Ziggler/Jericho match..
    - That ending of the 6 man tag team.
    - Too many pointless squash singles matches
    - Someone attacks Team Hell NO backstage and acts like nothing happened. No follow up to that (maybe next week).
    - Super Cena destroying errbody
  13. The bit that confused me is the fact they managed to show a recap from SD, and all I remember from that show was Raw recaps.

    4/10. Basically anything the Shield was involved with was great. Ziggler/Jericho just don't seem to work well together. Another underwhelming match involving them.
  14. Go watch a video of Lil Wayne playing the guitar. There's my rating. If you don't understand me, the translation is; Kill me.
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  15. 5/10

    Well, Shield matches are always fun. Jericho trolling Fandango was hysterical, Summer Rae debuting
    (Eariler in this review: Summer Rae debuted)
    Heyman spoke, The Shield have a helicopter, The Shield were all over the place, main events, backstage segments, holy shit
    (Earlier in this review: Me fapping over the Shield)
    Rhodes Scholars were credible-ish for about an hour, the one feud that can save the Divas is happening, Tamina kicked the everliving fuck out of AJ lmao
    (Earlier in this review: SHIELD)
    We got William Regal and no Sheamus or Orton.
    (Earlier in this review: William Regal was on the show!)

    The bad was awful though. The show's still 3 hours and feels like 5. Ziggler's being treated like a jobber who lucked into a belt. R-Truth goes over Cesaro.
    (Earlier in this review: #wwelogic)
    Ryback can't promo. Whoever wrote Big E's music can't music. Sweet T's shovel dance before he uses his stolen finisher that Joe wants back.
    (Earlier in this review: Raw felt like it was 5 hours long)
    Ziggler and Jericho fell way short of lofty expectations. Triple H accepted Lesnar's challenge for no reason. Cesaro's still yodeling.
    (Earlier in this review: SHIELD :yay:)
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    Where was this?
  17. ME
  18. Oh, shit, thought it was on the show :emoji_slight_frown:
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