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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 7/10 Chicago crowd rocked it. I still think CM Punk should have came out at the end. The CM Punk and Yes chants own the night
  3. DZ & Aaron Paul short but sweet string of events = 9/10
    Everything else imo was 5/10, wasn't really that entertaining other than a few miscellaneous segments/pieces of a few of the matches (ie: Shield/Wyatts, Christian/Sheamus, etc..)
  4. 7/10 really really really strong first two hours.
  5. Aaron paul is on the wwe aftershow now. INterviewing and stuff
  6. I can't get the WWE Network here, so I'll have to wait. :downer:
  7. 8/10. Yeah, but let's all look at that Kane render on the Main Event preview.

    Big Show vs. Kane is definitely happening at 'Mania.
  8. First hour: 9/10, the Shield/Wyatts match was awesome... Seth Rollins especially. Usos title win was a great moment.
    Second and Third hours: 5/10, everything else in the show was weak, especially the ending.
    Overall: 7/10
  9. 8/10
    Pretty damn good RAW in terms of match quality and storylines.

    Also, thank the lord CM Punk wasn't there, just enjoying watching all of his fans get madder and madder.
  10. Five out of ten, first hour was phenomenal. Can understand a higher rating for sure, lots of the other stuff just wasn't for me.
  11. Sooooo...1000000/10?
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  12. 6/10 would've been higher but ireally considered suicide during the Sheamus/Christian match, the Diva matches weren't really that good neither. but i love it how they're turning Batista heel.
  13. 9

    fucking dank

    well, I skipped like most of the 2nd hour, but still. What I watched was dank
  14. Only two things disappointed me No Punk/Rollins Bailing on The Shield. Other than that 9/10
  15. no Punk is the main reason I gave it a 9
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  16. Standard.
  17. Only thing that disappointed me is HHH didn't shoot on the crowd in the last segment when they were chanting punk. Imagine the heat if after he laid out Bryan he got on the stick and did his cry baby little kid voice to the fans about Punk lmao
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