Rate RAW 3rd June

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  1. 6/10 for me.
  2. 6/10. The good things were real good.
    The rest was not necessarily bad but uneventful or not leading anywhere.
  3. Weird show. The DB parts were great but nothing else seemed to matter at all.
  4. For a three hour show, it was pretty good. Might have even been a memorable Raw as a whole if it was cut down to 125 minutes like it used to be.

    Stand Out:

    -Daniel Bryan had the best segments and the best moments and helped give us two very good matches and I'm interested in how this weak link stuff is progressing.
    -The Shield remaining dominant is always a good thing.
    -I'm liking the HHH/Curtis Axel stuff continuing. Rare appearances by Vince and Stephanie are always appreciated as well.
    -I'm liking the Jericho challenge to Punk and Heyman speaking for Punk while Punk remains silent during the whole thing. You can just feel this leading to something important (Punk face turn, Axel replacing Punk as Heyman's permanent guy, etc.) and I'm all for Jericho being apart of something that feels important again.
    -Axel gets another win over Cena, albeit by count out again. But since when do no disqualification matches end in count outs? (Well, since last night, apparently.)

    Average (neither liked nor hated it):

    -Del Rio defeating Big E Langston.
    -Sheamus defeating Cody Rhodes and punching Damien Sandow.
    -Fandago and Khali's match and the continuation of the Fandango/Barrett/Miz triangle.

    Could Care Less:

    -The Divas stuff, as always.
  5. 5/10. I was bored with most of it. I liked the DB stuff and the Jericho and Heyman segment was awesome. I also liked the segments with the McMahons.
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  7. I didn't watch it but knowing D-Bry had a good show makes me happy. He deserves to be on the top, not in the mediocre middle.
  8. Yup, 5/10.
  9. That is correct.

  10. :facepalm1:
  11. This is a really hard week to rate. The D-Bry stuff is absolutely awesome, Heyman and Jericho is great as well, but aside from that it was just the same stuff repeated from the last couple of weeks. I'll go 5/10
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