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  1. 3/10.

    Opening and ending segments were entertaining, naturally. But they didn't contribute anything to this feud (Cena vs Rock). All the jokes used have been heard before. The promo of the night was Jericho's backstage promo in my opinion. Punk vs Jericho is completely destroying any other feud, it really is on its own at the top of the ladder.

    The rest was hot garbage. Sheamus & Orton both in RAW matches, going over RAW superstars (Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger). Brodus Clay returned, cool, but another squash match. Taker's entrance lasted longer than Brodus' match.

    Wrestlemania is literally "Buy it for the main-event, the rest is pointless".

    3/10 was generous.
  2. 3/10, just like the entire Road to Wrestlemania has been. 3/10
  3. Didn't see the show, but read your thread and a couple of recaps of all that happened, but this episode reminded me of Impact last thursday. A promo from a promo ace (Bully/Jericho), a mark out moment from a return of someone entertaining as hell (Brodus/Anderson), plus one other thing (Roode match/Johnny Ace) surrounded by an incessant need to cram in a bunch of dumb shit I couldn't care any less about around these few bright spots.

    I'm more apt to rate Raw lowly because Rock's just a celebrity to me. What he does is entertaining, but I don't care. He does nothing for the future of the product. Looking forward to Superstars, where we may actually see the Raw roster in action.

  4. 4/10 for me. Seeing the old Cena, Rock's concert, Brodus Clay back even though his match lasted only about a minute, and Otunga's entrance. One point for each of them.
  5. Bumping for some more ratings.
  6. 7/10. Was pretty entertained tbh..
  7. Raw 3/10

    Cena 9/10

    Rock 10/10

    Hornswaggles tweet 0/10
  8. I have to give it a 4/10 overall. There were like 2 matches and they sucked, just wasted time the whole show.
  9. Damn. You must've hated Hornswaggle's tweet. Wasn't it after RAW though? :troll:
  10. Pretty decent show but it was terribly slow IMO. They just didn't do that good with the time they had. What the hell was the point of that Zack Ryder Eve segment? No one gives a shit anymore.
  11. I want Ryder to turn heel so bad. Eve, convince him please.
  12. Ryder heel won't do anything. He'll just go back to where he was when he started ZTLIS. Watch him get buried to some matches on Superstars and his show still run to keep WWE merchandise sales.
  13. I'm jealous of all of you guys actually somewhat enjoying the show each week.
  14. We liked the same things. The rest was garbage. Can't deny Thuganomics, Jericho and Rock were on form though.
  15. Yes Yes i did and Yes Yes it was
  16. Shouldn't let that affect RAW's rating, only SmackDown. I'm just glad we don't get to see him on RAW.
  17. To be honest I'd rather hornswoggle than faggot long.
  18. He got to see his team getting dominated. :otunga:
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