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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, May 13, 2014.

  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. I skimmed through it on the DVR and watched only the best parts (I think I'm slowly falling out of love with wrestling again, since I'm feeling less and less enthusiastic about it by the day, and usually can't even be arsed to watch the whole show anymore), but it seemed like a pretty boring show to me. The Shield/Evolution parts I enjoyed though, and that small segment with Adam Rose coming to ringside during the RVD/Swagger 'match', but otherwise, meh.
  3. You liked the Adam Rose segment? That is crap
  4. I like the not-so-serious gimmicks like these. It helps balance out all the more serious individuals on the show like the Wyatt Family/Shield/Evolution/etc. Variety and all that. Plus, Adam Rose's theme music is catchy. (And I have this thing for people in bunny suits... kind of weird to get into, but... yeah.)
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  5. Was thinking yesterday of just how good we have it as wrestling fans today. We sat through a 2013 with great wrestling and not enough storytelling, a 2012 that was completely apathetic and filled with love stories, and a 2011 that was a big missed opportunity.

    While I didn't like this Raw and felt like it exposed the roster for being subpar (although a lot of guys I like were cut from Hulu) it's good to remember just how good we have it. Oh, and the Shield is awesome, if you didn't know.

    Also, thank you Adam Rose for saving us from RVD vs Jack Swagger. Good grief, who in kayfabe thought THAT would be a good match to do? :lol1:
  6. Sandow & Cody Rhodes match for one was cut.
    I liked the Axel/Sheamus match, Axel had a decent showing for a bit there.

    It was an okay show, bout 6.5/10
  7. Exactly. I was seeing that RVD/Swagger match and wondering "With the talent WWE has, could they setup a worse match up?" (Not counting guys like Khali that are never on TV). Then they sent out Sheamus and Ryback. :facepalm1: Axel is underrated for sure!

    Ziggler was cut (and Fandango, too), so was Paige vs Alicia Fox which I got irrationally angry at. Just felt like they saw catfighting on Total Divas as a higher priority than the Divas T... oh, right, no shock there. And we all know Sandow and Rhodes deserve better.
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  8. Didn't even know Ziggler had a match with Fandango, hmm perhaps we should just use the WatchWrestling links instead of Hulu although I do love watching it in Hi-Def :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. And Ziggler won, too! :blackshock:
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  10. And I love watching it in 90 minutes, haha. But shoot, just went to check if Ziggler and Sandow won on the same show and think of a not-very-witty punchline to go with that, but Sandow didn't win. Shoulda known THAT was too good to be true. (That's good though, we all know Rhodes can't job constantly for this breakup to mean anything. May be too little too late, just looking at the results)

    Also, Bryan's injury should have been a much bigger focus of the show.
  11. Oh, and from what I heard you might want to watch the pre-show, Sharpy.

  12. I peeped the match, Cody raked him in the eye to get the dirty win.. interesting. Seems like an Evolution tactic if you ask me :emoji_wink:

    I heard he dropped a 'pipe-bomb', Kevin linked me it I'll have to peep it when I get home.
  13. Didn't get to watch most of the show, but from what I saw, and from what I read, 3.77.
  14. 2/10... Shield vs Evolution was the best segment and even that was not very good.
  15. 5/10. It was decent.

    I just wish they'd focused more on DBry's injury... Instead of having him come out for 3 minutes and then going backstage for a make-up just to get his ass dragged out by Kane later in the evening, being bruised and all. Good thinking, WWE. I feel bad for Bryan, though. He's my favorite wrestler in the WWE right now, and ever since he won that WWE-WHC at WM30, everything went wrong, his father died, now this neck injury. That just blows big time. Hope everything's gonna be alright.

    There were some good matches on the show.

    Ziggler vs Fandango was good, Ziggler's on a roll. I love it! I loved seeing Layla's smokin' hot arse as well. Fandango's a lucky bastard if he's hittin' that! :emoji_grin:

    John Cena & The Usos vs The Wyatts was also good. I wasn't happy with the outcome, though, with Cena winning.

    Cody Rhodes vs Sandow was good. And that rake in the eye... What does that mean? A possible heel turn (Evolution candidate) maybe?
    I feel bad for Sandow, really, he's been on a losing streak for so long. Loved his 'pipe bomb' on the pre-show, though.

    The Shield and Evolution segments were great, really enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to seeing what's gonna happen at Payback...
  16. This raw did a really thorough job of boring me. 4/10
  17. A generous 3. I didn't even finish watching because I barely enjoyed any of the first 90 mins.
  18. Finally got around to the rest of the show and It was really boring, this is a slow time for the WWE but I mean things have been kinda slow the first two weeks inbetween PPV events but then usually picks up the pace (as far as the current state of WWE goes) during the second half of inbetween time.

    3-4/10 with a few high rated moments.

    No need to feel bad for him, this is building to something, it has to be.. either that or I'm just an insanely blinded Son of Sandow.
    Something's building, idk why you would purposely make someone who is better than several other mid card wrestlers that are getting more airtime and booked in more favorable matches and winning unless that was the case. The 'pipe-bomb' on Monday's pre-show and then I hear his Smackdown segment is pretty good too from the tapings last night.
  19. Finally watched it as got a huge wrestling backlog atm. Was pleasently surprised I expected garbage and got a half decent show. Adam Rose I have to agree with Lockard is a breath of fresh air from all the serious gimmicks like The Wyatts, Shield and Evolution. I'm definitely a Rosebud.
  20. fucking hell

    you fans say you dont care about orton, but you still care enigh he gets beat
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