Rate Raw 5/13

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, May 13, 2013.

  1. Go on people, throw all your numbers out there!
  2. It's been 40 minutes and no one's rated yet. I'm going to assume it wasn't all that great :cole:
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  3. 20/10

    Best Raw evar.
  4. RAW/10
    You figure out the rest.
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  5. I'll be telling my grandchildren about this Raw on my deathbed/10
  6. I'll give it an ehhh..

    Shoulda dolphin dived but instead you got Davey Richards memes/10.
  7. 30/10 best Raw ever, would rather attend this Raw then a Black Sabbath concert on Halloween
  8. 8/10 Good promos, Shield Vs Team Hell No and Cena was good, Swagger and Langston was good, HHH and Brock was good, Few squash matches though.
  9. Fuck you Cena/10
  10. Chyna's nudes/10
  11. I always wonder what people who rate Raws like last night 8/10 rate Raws like the one after Mania. 2 rating points doesn't really tell the difference in the caliber of the two shows.
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