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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 20, 2014.

  1. What'd you all think of the show?

    Personally wasn't too huge on it the one thing I really liked though is how they've been setting up the contendership for the IC title lately though not gunna lie, first a tourny to determine BNB facing Big E at ER to have BNB face it and then a Beat the Clock Challenge with 3 singles matches between some legitimate possible contenders (In no particular order; DZ vs Mark Henry, RVD vs Alberto Del Rio and then Big E vs Ryback to set up some RVD "payback" on BNB but in all reality BNB should be the dominant force here.
  2. 6/10. Meh show
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  3. 3/10 Raw has been shit the past 4 weeks...


    Justin roberts be like... DAT ASS. And she with the blonde hair in the crowd, looks weird as fuck. dafuq is wrong with her?
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  4. Lol looks like they are trying to feel her up :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: and yes indeed I'm with him dat ass haha.
  5. Was desperate not to see Cena in the ME after that horrible backstage interview. Don't get why people cheer for the Wyatts and boo Cena then boo Wyatt when he attacks after the match. 6.5/10
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  6. I need to re-watch. I was there and really don't remember Bray getting booed at all. He was so over the entire night.

    I'm really biased and enjoyed this Raw a lot more than the last few weeks.
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  7. It was pretty much after the DQ.
  8. Did you have good seats?
  9. We were pretty high up and off to the side- had a great view of the ring, but not the Titantron.
  10. Well, we need a new top face with Bryan out, looks like Bray Wyatt is the man for the job! :bodallas:

    5/10. On par with recent weeks except with bonus UK awesomeness.
  11. Ahh, meh well that's cool you went! A great view of the ring is always nice :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: The Titantron is manageable but still it would've been cool to see both. Honestly I like the higher up seats for most events, birdseye views are my forte; some people call me Hawkeye.
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  12. 5.5/10

    Nothing too spectacular. Yeah, I can pretty much agree with what the other members are saying, RAW's been shite for the past couple of weeks. The segments that included Cesaro/Heyman, The Shield and the Beat the Clock Challenge were decent, though.

    What was really good was the very last segment, a match between Cena and Harper. Harper was awesome as usual, and Cena was shit like always.

    Looking forward to seeing D-Bry next week on RAW!
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  13. Loved it for the UK fans. Great Adam Rose segment thanks to the fans getting so into it. Overall on par with recent RAWS not great but meh I'm enjoying some stuff so it keeps me watching.
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