Spoiler Rate RAW 6/15/15

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What would you rate this RAW?

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  1. Vote above and give your thoughts below.

    RAW Recap:
    - Dean Ambrose defeats Sheamus with the help of Randy Orton
    - R-Truth defeats King Barrett
    - Kevin Owens defeats Dolph Ziggler
    - Kane defeats Randy Orton with the help of Sheamus
    - The Miz defeats The Big Show via count out
    - The Bella Twins defeat Paige
    - Neville and The Prime Time Players defeated The New Day
    - Brock Lesnar is revealed as Seth Rollins' new challenger at BattleGround

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  2. Hey, Shads. The date is 6/15/15, mate.
  3. Pretty sure it's July man.
  4. Nah, it's June, bro.
  5. I highly doubt it dude.
  6. Wow, the ratings of Raw in this thread are so detailed!
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  7. Honestly, if all you watched is Owens throwing MGK off of the stage and Lesnar coming back then you're pretty much in the clear.
  8. I got as far as Randy Orton vs Kane and then my broadband died.
  9. 6/10

    Kevin Owens. Brock Lesnar. That is all.
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  10. 4/10

    - KO vs DZ was pretty solid.
    - KO Powerbombing MGK off the stage was awesome!
    - Neville & PTP vs The New Day was OK.
    - Lesnar's back, baybay! Shout-out to Rollins, though. He played that part perfectly, trying to look both scared and not scared at the same time.

    - Everything else was a yawn fest.
  11. 6/10

    Owens/Ziggler was a very good PPV quality match.
    Owens power bombing the skinny white rapper dude was awesome.
    Lesnar scaring the shit out of Rollins was cool.

    Everything else was shit pretty much.
  12. The fuck? Heels can't even be heels anymore (although power-bombing Machine Gun Kelly off a stage got nothing but a positive reaction from me) without having to apologize for it on social media?
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  13. Clearly sarcasm if you aren't familiar with the KO character bruh
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  15. grow up lol

    fucking boss
  16. It's pretty easy to read that as a serious treat. I can't think of any specific examples off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure heels have had to 'apologize' a few times before on social media just to ensure any younger viewers out there that even they recognized they went too far with their actions. It's the pussified era we live in right now.
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  17. Again, you are wrong. This is KO in character being a sarcastic smart ass.
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  18. I'm giving it a generous 7. A lot of that might be because the chat was really enjoyable but also because the things I liked were really good.

    I liked:

    Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

    LOVED Owens power bombing Machine Gun Kelly. Owens is the best thing in WWE right now.

    Loved when Lesnar showed up and Rollins' reaction.

    The diva handicap match wasn't bad.

    Prime Time Players and Neville vs New Day wasn't bad.

    Although I hated that stupid rap performance, the dead crowd and Owens made it better.

    I didn't like:

    Anything else. They once again had a perfect setup to finally introduce Charlotte and they balked again.
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