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  1. EDIT: DON'T USE THIS ONE. Danielson beat me to it. :dawg:
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    Seriously, great great Raw.


    EDIT: 10/10 for the nip slip
  3. Seriously, who wrote this episode? Fucking awesome!
  4. Dammit, you beat me by a second. lmao
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  5. Well what do you rate it!?
  6. 10/10. Everything was great from the opening, literally. I've been so annoyed with WWE for the past few weeks until Payback and tonight. WWE has stepped up their game, very well done. :win:First 10/10 ever given to a RAW.
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  7. I gave it a 10/10. I didn't like how D Bryan's match turned out, but it's building up for somethin bigger.
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  8. You know what, I was gonna give it s 9 or 8, but what the hell, I'll give it a 10. Every single match/feud kept me compelled and there wasn't any usual bullshit tonight, not anything that really bothered me anyway. Love the way it's shaping up. I don't even mind Bryan not going for the WWE strap yet. Love me some chocolate. :obama: Also loved Shield actually having another human interaction for once instead of doing powerbombs on them all the time. Too much of a good thing can turn bad quick. Loved Rhodes Scholars > Sheamus. Also hoping AJ gets better competition than Kaitlyn. Love the girl and she's built like a champ, but her selling is absolutely horrid. Maybe Natalya or someone new feuds with her. Anyone but the Bellas or Vickie again. :willis:
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  9. Titty slip actually makes it a 10 for me too
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  10. What about the nipple slip at Payback? (Sorry in advance for immoral conduct or whatever the hell you call it)

    Show Spoiler

    Shall give it a 9/10 as well.
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  11. 10. Absolutely amazing. The best wrestling show I have seen all year.
  12. 10% of 100/10.
  13. 9.5/10. This show was more entertaining than many PPVs.

    +Henry fooling everyone
    +Return of Lesnar
    +An interesting Divas segment
    +Christian going over
    +McMahons/Vickie/Triple H arguing
    +Punk splitting from Heyman
    +Ziggler attacking Del Rio

    -Bad crowd, it was dead throughout, I remember seeing about 4 people chanting YES to Bryan
    -Ending to Bryan/Orton No DQ match
  14. i'll give it 4/10
    + for Henry even if i saw it coming from a mile away
    + for Ziggler attacking del rio
    + for Punk and Lesnar
    + for the McMahons feud
    the rest was just typical raw crap.

  15. :harvey:

    10/10. Mark motherfucking Henry.
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  16. YES Henry's promo may well be the best of the year so far but it isn't enough to give the whole show 10/10 :pity1:

  17. Still can't believe you gave it a 4/10!? Typical Raw crap is 2hrs of meaningless crap with a couple of decent segments or matches, every segment besides Sheamus/Rhodes Scholars was worth watching and felt necessary for me. I didn't give it a 10/10 for Henry, I just felt I'd mention him as he was, by far, the stand out of the show IMO.
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  18. McLovin = Bret Hart :yay:
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