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  1. Thought it was pretty good. First hour and a half flew by which is good. Wyatt promo was epic, Punk vs Heyman segment was epic, RVD vs Jericho was a great match. Daniel Bryan was picked to face Cena. Overall, I'm giving a 7/10.
  2. Rate this motherfucker.
  3. 8/10 because of the Punk/Heyman segment, RVD vs Jericho match and Cena picking DBry for the match at Summerslam.

    And not to mention the amazing crowd tonight. All the chants were simply amazing. Brooklyn has my respect.
  4. I'd give tonight's RAW a solid 8/10. It was awesome but some of the finishes were a bit lackluster.

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    Cena's time is up, Bryan's time is now.

    Anyway, I would rate this about 8/10
  7. 8. Second hour was pretty meh, but the awesomeness of 1 and 3 more than made up for it.
    Wyatts were unbelievable. Shield were epic. RVD has looked great (dafuq) since his return. Sheamus does what he does best and not appear. Ziggler and Del Rio put on one hell of a match... Uso's push is continuing... Punk and Heyman was promo segment of the year, bahgod that was incredible...

    Pretty sure I'm not forgetting anything here. Yep, that's all the newsworthy stuff that happened.
  8. 9/10 Overall, RVD Vs Jericho was awesome and it just shit in the face of the guy who said he was shit. Bryan Vs Cena will be a great match, Bryan will win and Orton will cash in and we get another Bryan Vs Orton feud :fap:. Shield was interesting as im not sure where they will go. Other matches were awesome, Opening segment was awesome. The crowd was on fire just nothing to hate this week.

    Ending segment: 10000000000000000000000000000000/10
  9. 8.5/10 - Another SOLID RAW

  10. 8/10 Good, but Van Shit winning Jericho? Was a good match, but Jericho shouldn't come back to WWE to be a loser. He was one of the best wrestlers in the WWE and now they make him look like a nobody.

    Oh and this may be the best thing of the night!
  11. Van Shit? Did you even fucking watch that match? It was great!
  12. 8/10 Really solid Raw most of the segments were entertaining and the majority of the matches delivered .
  13. 9/10.

    You might be disappointed with who won the briefcases last night, but you can't deny that WWE is awesome right now.
  14. 9/10

    With the benefit of being able to skip segments this Raw was absolutely awesome for me. There were middle parts of the show that were rather tedious, but RVD/Jericho, Ziggler/Del Rio, Heyman and Punk with the best promo since Henry's retirement one and Bryan's reaction at the end made this show so worth watching. For what it's worth, I actually enjoyed the Maddox segments tonight, which makes it the first time since Laurinaitis that I've actually found GM segments watchable.
  15. 8/10
    Great match overall. Didnt finish it live. Great opening match. First and third part was awesome. Y2J vs RVD was fuckin awesome. Was like goin back to 05.
    Heyman vs Punk is going to be gooooold. Shield was okay and I like this badass Rhodes
  16. If you read my post again I say the match was good, but I dislike Rob Van Dam so I call him however I want.
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