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  1. 7/10
  2. 7/10.
    Started strong, then went for dip for a while then up again then down again then way up. Match quality was overall good to very good, even Khali's match (thanks Antonio) Road to Wrestlemania is here.
  3. 9/10 for the last hour or so

    usual shit/10 for everything else.
  4. The Rock/10
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  5. 7.5/10 as well.

    Opener Promo with Cena/Dolph - 6/10
    Dolph Vs. Cena - 7.5/10
    Antonio Cesaro Vs. Khali - 7/10 just for Cesaro
    Team Hell NO! Vs. Rhode Scholars - 6/10
    TLC Punk Vs. Ryback - 8.5/10
    Punk/Rock Promo - 9.5/10

    The rest was ehn or shit.
  6. Hours 1&2 3/10
    Hour 3 + OT 9/10
  7. 8/10

    The only reason being 2 things;

    1) The TLC match was a lot better than I thought. I didnt think it would last that long at all. :vince:

    2) CM Punk - The Rock segment. was F'IN EPIC

    (Need I say more ?) :smug:
  8. 7/10.
    It was a strong opener, good match between Antonio Cesaro and The Great Khali, great match between CM Punk and Ryback and great promo's by The Rock and CM Punk.
  9. Strong opener lmao. Yea, Ziggler's momentum being haulted by Cena kicking out of every move he has one after the other was wonderful. Just fantastic.
  10. There was no reason to have Cena go over Ziggler. Cena should've fought Big E, don't give a shit if he got squahsed.
  11. The first Raw I watched in MONTHS, and it was bad. The Rock/Punk segment was great, but everything else was your usual load of CRAP.

  12. Cena/Ziggler match was pretty good, and I had no issue with Cena kicking out of everything Ziggler threw at him. Added quite a bit of drama to the match. TLC match was pretty good, and the Rock/Punk showdown was almost perfect. Outside of that, there wasn't a whole lot that was memorable, but nothing too bad either. I wonder if Drew McIntyre was supposed to have a match (that got cut short because the show ran on too long) since Slater lost in the first hour and Mahal lost in the second hour, it made me think Drew would lose in the third hour and that 3MB were just gonna have an all around shitty night.
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