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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Post your thoughts and ratings on this episode of RAW in this thread.
  2. Giving the RAW a 6/10. The last hour was pretty great, the rest bored the shit out of me and was a waste of my time. LD was fun. And Big Show returning made me jizz in my pants.
  3. Cena heel teases humor me. Did anybody feel the guy choking up... like the dude was gonna cry.

    Bryan chants make me sick and Boreton was Boreton, and the sheep embarrassed me even further considering its my hometown they were doing it.

    My rating is actually rather high... 7/10 ... simply because everyone was on A game

    Honorable shouts: Kofi's amazing spot and for JBL calling the night like a champ
  4. Hope Orton successfully cashes in at Summerslam.
  5. But... I thought... You... Were him...


    :haha: 6/10. Way too much filler but that last hour was dynamite + all the Natalya stuff!
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  6. 8/10. Another fantastic show.
  7. 4/10, just like my work schedule.
  8. I'd say a 7/10, with the battle Royale and Bryan's Mic time carrying the night. With Punks segment leaving alot to be desired!

  9. What was wrong with the Punk/Lesnar segment?
  10. 5/10

    It was a good show, but there were a lot of mistakes imo. AJ/Natalya stuff was the first step, then I don't know how I saw someone similar to Lady Deathbane in the crowd and started laughing, and then with the Maddox referee stuff I was like meh, good to see that Maddox will make Cena lose the title but then the Pedegree time, nice to see Triple H executing it again because it's a finisher I like, but it was so bad executed you could see Maddox's trying to do a handstand... Good show, but some problems that made it be less attractive at least for me.

    Look for the woman I thought it was Lady.
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  11. Well, pretty nice show. Lold at the botch of the ref. Didnt like the fact AJ tapped. Twice. Yeah im a fanboy.
    Also, didnt liked teh fact Sandow vs Rhodes doesnt have the contract on the line. Pretty sure Sandow will take this one but, hell, if Sandow is going to win just put the contract on the line. The storyline doesnt have ''real'' sense.
    Punk vs Lesnar is okay. Hope Lesnar destroys him. And btw, hope this would've been Lesnar vs Ziggler
    Bryan>Cena. Lold at you dont deserve a damn slap.
    Eva Maria in a match :ohgod: Cant wait to see "0 views" in that YT preshow. Screw her

  12. Solid 7/10.
  13. Anybody else see this kid give Colter the finger? I'm not all the way through yet so haven't read the rest of the thread. Just had a little chuckle at this one for some reason!

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  14. I didn't see it, THANKS FOR SHARING! Really, this made me crack up.
  15. I've finished now and finished the SummerSlam press conference so I'm back in business.
    RAW wasn't as good this week as previous weeks. The Cena/Bryan MizTV segment ran for way too long, they had both gotten their points across way before it finished. The Battle Royal was pointless as it was fairly obvious it would be RVD or Henry and why was there a rematch between The Usos and The Real Americans when they're not actually in any kind of feud?

    That being said, Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio tricked me into enjoying their match which I was convinced I would dislike intently.

    I'd give this week a 7 out of 10 but it can have an extra .5 for the kid giving Colter the finger and managing to get it in the camera shot.

  16. Damnit, my secret has been revealed. That actually is me. I went to the event. Sacramento is like a few hours away from me.
  17. I was right! My theory was fucking correct! :win: :lady:
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